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What have films like Resident Evil and shows like The Walking Dead taught us? Aside from learning to use anything as a weapon and that everybody seems to hook up with everybody in a time of crisis, they have taught us the importance of having a really good team behind you during the zombie apocalypse. We all have a few friends that we would point to when assembling our squad, but what if you could tap into the fictional world? Here are 14 and characters you should want in your zombie apocalypse gang.

14. Sam

Trick 'r Treat [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Trick 'r Treat [Credit: Warner Bros.]
  • From: Trick 'r Treat
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Sharpened lollipop
  • Why: Sam may be small, but don't count him out. Despite his diminutive stature, he is vicious in his attacks. He took down several adult men that weren't zombified, so imagine what he could do to someone that has been slowed down and, well, is not that bright.

13. Leatherface

  • From: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Chainsaw
  • Why: Leatherface is a big man who is seriously skilled with a chainsaw, so how could he not be a good choice? He'd take out a group of zombies in just a few swings, and if his chainsaw breaks, he's pretty good with a hammer, too.

12. Erin

You're Next [Credit: Lionsgate]
You're Next [Credit: Lionsgate]
  • From: You're Next
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Anything she can get her hands on.
  • Why: Erin may look like just another pretty face, but she outsmarted three trained killers, her scheming boyfriend and his brother. An entire family was butchered, but she was the last one standing after using her survivalist training to weaponize pretty much any household object. Plus, she plays a serious game of hide and seek.

11. ChromeSkull

  • From: Laid to Rest and ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Two really insane knives.
  • Why: When it comes to taking out zombies, you want to be as quick and quiet about it as you can, and ChromeSkull can do both. Granted, on a sunny day his face may draw a bit of attention, but he still brings size, strength, and is more than handy with sharp objects.

10. Mick Taylor

Wolf Creek 2 [Credit: Roadshow Film Distributors]
Wolf Creek 2 [Credit: Roadshow Film Distributors]
  • From: Wolf Creek 1 and Wolf Creek 2
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Knives and guns.
  • Why: Mick is smart, unrelenting, can survive in tough conditions, and is a sharp-shot with any firearm.

9. Xenomorph

  • From: Alien franchise
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Two mouths, a spear-like tail, acid blood, claws.
  • Why: A fine example of stealth and strength, the Xenomorph itself is a weapon, with its body covered in an exoskeleton, having two mouths, a tail that's literally a giant spear, its blood acidic — heck, even its eggs are dangerous. So the real question is: Why not have it on your team?

8. Victor Crowley

Hatchet [Credit: Anchor Bay Entertainment]
Hatchet [Credit: Anchor Bay Entertainment]
  • From: Hatchet trilogy
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Hatchet, belt sander, chainsaw and bare hands.
  • Why: He's a ghost so can pop out of anywhere. Not only is Victor Crowley good with various weapons — including using his surroundings as a weapon — but he ripped out someone's spinal column with his bare hands. Plus, he could never become a zombie. Because he's a ghost.

7. Jason Voorhees

  • From: Friday the 13th franchise
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Machete, speargun, hatchet — pretty much anything.
  • Why: He's big, he's quiet, he knows his way around wooded areas. Of all the slashers, Voorhees holds the record for highest body count and has had some of the most creative kills with the most unassuming weapons.

6. Carrie White

  • From: Carrie
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Telekinesis
  • Why: Have you seen the movie? She burned down an entire gym and stabbed her mother with multiple knives — all with her mind. How would that not be useful in any apocalyptic situation?

5. Lionel Cosgrove

Dead Alive [Credit: Trimark Pictures]
Dead Alive [Credit: Trimark Pictures]
  • From: Dead Alive
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Lawnmower
  • Why: Not only is he good at killing zombies, he is also pretty good at throwing dinner parties for them. He may look like a timid gent, but when the situation gets hairy, Lionel gets resourceful — like, lawnmower hanging from his neck resourceful.

4. Predator

  • From: Predator franchise
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Blades and plasma gun.
  • Why: Predator would be all-around useful. Like the Xenomorph, he himself is a weapon. He knows his way around jungles and other wooded areas, and has thermal vision and camouflage. He could scout out areas undetected and know when something is approaching that nobody else is able to see.

3. Snake Plissken

Escape from New York [Credit: AVCO Embassy Pictures]
Escape from New York [Credit: AVCO Embassy Pictures]
  • From: Escape From New York and Escape From L.A.
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Guns, guns and wit.
  • Why: He's a former special ops and would do anything to survive. Unlike a lot of characters in zombie-driven movies or TV shows, he would have no problem sleeping at night after killing a bunch of the undead. Not to mention, he's pretty witty, so if things got boring or somebody was being a Debbie downer, he could brighten the mood with his quick humor.

2. Ash Williams

  • From: The Evil Dead franchise
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Chainsaw hand and boomstick.
  • Why: Ash knows how to have a good time, but when you've just emptied two barrels of a shotgun into the head of your favorite bartender, it's a pretty good bet that happy hour's over and Ash'll have your back. Like Plissken, Ash is a badass with a sense of humor, so killing zombies would become less of a chore and more like a gory fun time. Just don't give him any weird books you may stumble upon.

1. Alice

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [Credit: Screen Gems]
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter [Credit: Screen Gems]
  • From: Resident Evil franchise
  • Weapon(s) of choice: Guns and knives.
  • Why: She's kind of a professional when it comes to dealing with zombies. She has taken on tyrants, regular zombies and even zombie dobermans. Not only does she possess great skill with firearms and knives, she is also pretty well trained with her hands and feet:

Who would you choose for your zombie apocalypse team? Sound off in the comments below.


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