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Cupid has drawn back his poison-tipped bow and is aiming it squarely at the heart. With the dreaded V.Day almost upon us, it is time to swap the blood and guts your usual horror fans prefer for hugs and kisses. If it is too much hassle to pull out your actual heart and post it to your one and only, fear not, artist Matthew Lineham has some inspired 's cards to make your other half swoon (but hopefully not keel over dead).

It is back to the '80s to riffing off everything from A Nightmare on Elm Street to The Lost Boys. Lineham has the average horror fan covered, so she may just forgive you for burying the mother-in-law in the back garden. Clearly a fan of the era of mohawks and monsters, Lineham's Instagram bio reads:

I’m determined to make all the things I wish existed when I was a kid.

So, having possibly the coolest job in the world, let's take a look at what he has come up with to spread the love and the zombie outbreak:

A Real Fly Boy

Jeff Goldblum may not have managed to keep the girl in David Cronenberg's The Fly, but the reappearance of the Brundlefly is nearly enough to make you vomit green stuff — just what your loved one wants to see!

Reanimate The Love

Nothing says I love you like seeing Jeffrey Combs's creepy face as Herbert West from the Re-Animator series. Having the goggle-eyed geek staring up from a Valentine's card is sure to reanimate the spark in your relationship.

See also:

Freddy To Commit?

The chances of Robert Englund returning for another round as Freddy Krueger in an Elm Street films are slim to none, but you can relive the nostalgia of the Springwood Slasher in greetings card form — just try not to have too many nightmares.

I've Got A 'Strange' Feeling in My Heart

Fans of nostalgia-fest Stranger Things can also celebrate Valentine's Day with Lineham's Demogorgeous artwork — he has everyone from Chief Hopper to poor Barb covered. Sadly, after her disastrous first date with the demogorgon, I don't think Barb Holland will be celebrating Valentine's Day anymore!

Who Said Romance Is Dead

Finally, fans of the zombie apocalypse can let the ultimate Dead Head know that you want to spend the end of the world with them. Away from the '80s theme, there is a pack of cards too — particular kudos on the "Merlefriend" pun, Matthew.

You can "chuck" a load of love someone's way with Chucky from Child's Play, or show you aren't "clowning" around with Killer Klowns from Outer Space. All of Lineham's work can be found on his Instagram, or alternatively can be purchased from his online shop — each 8.5″x 11″ sheet has 9 different tear-away cards on 3 sheets, so you get 27 in total. Not quite sure how I feel about the Hellraiser inspired "I'll tear your hole apart," but everyone shows their affection in different ways, I guess.

Check out the trailer for the Valentine's inspired Loved Ones, and don't forget our poll below!


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