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Netflix just released a new House of Cards trailer for season five, and from the looks of it we are in for an incredible season. The last season premiered on March 4th 2016, and if you're anything like me, you stayed up till 1am and binged the entire season. That binge watch, unfortunately, means that after racing through a new season, the hype dies down and we all go back to our everyday activities, forgetting that season five is even in the works.

But now season five is upon us! Based on the new trailer, the election face-off between Frank Underwood and his Republican opponent might just be uglier than the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The trailer reveals a lot, so I'll only discuss the more concrete elements.

First, watch the trailer:

Now, let's dig into what the newest trailer for House of Cards tells us about the upcoming season...

Something Terrible Has Happened

'House of Cards' [Credit: Netflix]
'House of Cards' [Credit: Netflix]

In this brief shot of the trailer, we see Claire Underwood crying next to Frank, who is seemingly glaring at his political opponent Will Conway. Judging by the look on Claire's face something terrible has happened. It's important to note several members of the military in the background. Did someone important die? And how does this affect the political race?

Frank, however, does not seem too disturbed. He seems like his usual psychotic self, more concerned about his power than the apparent tragedy. The real question raised here might be: is Claire actually upset or is this simply an act?

The Map Is Very Similar To 2016 Electoral Results

'House of Cards' [Credit: Netflix]
'House of Cards' [Credit: Netflix]

It looks like and Conway's clash for the Presidency will be very similar to the 2016 election! Just look at the (unfinished) electoral map. Here is a photo of the final real-world 2016 results for comparison.

Final 2016 Electoral College Results [Credit: Business Insider]
Final 2016 Electoral College Results [Credit: Business Insider]

Either way, this is a fascinating decision on the part of the team behind House of Cards. Could this just be a coincidence based on the way states normally swing or could there also be a chance that the team waited for the results of the 2016 election to make their final decision on Underwood and Conway's electoral results?

(Other elements in the trailer, like the "Never Underwood" signs, are also similar to real elements of the 2016 election.)

Either way, it's worth it to note that in this picture, Underwood has the lead 255 to 245. It seems that the two states up for grabs are Pennsylvania and Ohio. This means that it's a tight race, and depending on how these states vote, the winner will be decided.

Tom Hammerschmidt Is Still Investigating

'House of Cards' [Credit: Netflix]
'House of Cards' [Credit: Netflix]

The case against Underwood is still under way. This is bad news for Frank, as Tom seemed to back him into a corner last season. This could be potentially career-ending for Frank, and even dangerous to his entire way of living should the truth come out.

Tom seems dedicated to solving this case, as shown in the picture above. Hunched over boxes, he's clearly trying to figure something out. What is that something?

Our questions won't be answered until season five of House of Cards comes out on May 30th. Until then, hang on. If you waited a year, you can wait one more month.

What Do You Think? Will Frank Underwood Win The Presidency?


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