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You screamed and they heard you! Coffin Girl and the gang are back for the ultimate Halloween haunt experience in The Houses October Built 2. Writers Bobby Roe and Zack Andrews have returned with their second installment in what is quickly becoming a beloved franchise. Making it's theatrical and VOD premier on September 22, 2017, extreme haunt fans can revel in the terror of "Blue Skeleton" just in time for Samhain. But what exactly can be expect from The Houses October Built 2?

Fortunately, the second installment of "The Houses" films reads more like a next chapter in a page burner than an impromptu sequel. I was able to catch up with writer/producer Zack Andrews, who had this to say about why his leading character rushes right back into the inferno that kicks off the events of the sequel:

"I need to complete this story and money is a motivating factor. From the first movie, my goals were not able to be accomplished in more ways than one. So, I just got to finish this and get the group back on the road. Bobby [character] is kind of my partner in that so especially from like a documenting it side ...There are parts that are scary but we want it to feel like a fun road trip and Halloween adventure."

Zack Andrews, 'The Houses October Built' [credit: Foreboding Films]
Zack Andrews, 'The Houses October Built' [credit: Foreboding Films]

The Houses October Built 2 is, like the first movie, filmed on location at various haunts all over the country. Speculation from skeptics would have you believing that we have already lived through the worst of the best in part one, but from a personal standpoint I can tell you they're dead wrong. In fact, the sequel actually ups the ante in more ways than one.

As the first film established, the franchise is filmed on location at various haunting attractions across the country. So, if we already swung through these places once, what could possibly be left to thrill us? During our interview, writer/director Bobby Roe filled me in on how these haunts have evolved for the sequel.

"You gotta be the biggest and the baddest right?..We get numbed to things. 3D was a big deal for a long time and now in downtown L.A. we have 4D where it snows on you and bullets 'rat-tat-tat' on the back of your seat. You know, because 3D's not good enough; it's not touching, you can't smell it and so we always want more, right? Every year you better up your game or you get left behind. Every year, somebody thinks of something really, really cool that is 'been there, done that,' by next Halloween. So what are we going to do? Hopefully they are ahead of the curve and they are willing to go the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate mile to get somebody to be afraid."

As of September 22, 2017, The Houses October Built 2 is playing in select theaters, and Digital HD. Although there is no official word as of yet on when we can snatch up your own copy of this cult horror follow-up, funny man Bobby Roe dangles one last piece of incentive for us fans,

"What will also be cool is when the Blu-ray comes out. The projection film that gets played on the wall at the end, where it's grimey and it's on the wall, there's an uncut, real clean version of that, we're going to put on the Bluray that gives a lot more of our backstory and probably motive."

is the perfect follow up and even begs to ask the question, where do they find all these incredible haunted Halloween events? Fortunately, the boys have one final surprise for you – a roadside guide to The Houses October Built 2, just in time for the film's release!

The Houses October Built 2 is now available. For more updates on "The Houses" films and upcoming projects from Zack Andrews and Bobby Roe, be sure to follow them on twitter.

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