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How I Met Your Mother and food are two of the greatest things in existence. Putting the two together is gonna be legen — wait for it — dary! Here are six times the show connected to us through food:

The Time Marshall Dropped A Calzone On The Sidewalk, Picked It Up And Ate It

Barney would later use this incident as blackmail in order for "the gang" to support his lie that he wanted to settle down with Nora and get married. Barney's manipulations are brutal, but if you love calzones like Marshall does, you know this moment was worth it.

The Time Robin Felt This Passionate About Eating A Hamburger

One who appreciates a well-crafted, delicious work of food is a person with my utmost respect. Robin's passion for her career seems like a flickering candle compared to the blazing fire she exudes in this intimate moment. Yet she's not the only one who adores this succulent burger.

When Marshall Eloquently Spoke Of The Best Burger In New York City

Ted may be the one with an appreciation for literature but in this moment Marshall is the real poet. Such beautifully descriptive language makes me ship Marshall's relationship to the best burger more than his relationship with Lily.

Food relationships > people relationships

Barney's Reaction When Gary Blauman Stole One Of His Accidental Curly Fries

'How I Met Your Mother' [Credit: Fox]
'How I Met Your Mother' [Credit: Fox]

As Marshall wisely states, "You steal a man's wife before you steal his accidental curly." Blauman's unforgivable transgression would haunt Barney for years. How could Blauman be so foolish to believe you can steal accidental curly fries from a plate of regular fries? On the day he married Robin, Barney's motives to drive Blauman away from the wedding couldn't be more justified.

The Time Lily Left Her Kindergarten Class For Cake

Lily always has her priorities straight. Leaving young children unattended is reasonable when an opportunity for cake exists. Anyone with a passion for desserts can understand this.

When Ted Ate Bacon For The First Time

'How I Met Your Mother' [Credit: CBS]
'How I Met Your Mother' [Credit: CBS]

Ultimately, Ted's epic quest for true love was just a means to an end. How could the likes of Victoria, Stella, Robin, or even Tracy ever compare to the crispy, greasy goodness that is bacon? The true purpose of these women was leading Ted to discover bacon, the truest love that exists.

What How I Met Your Mother quote best sums up your relationship with food?


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