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The Wholock Fandom. I personally don't approve of the idea of the two very different worlds of Doctor Who and Sherlock colliding with one another (if we are referring to the modern adaptation of Sherlock). However, it can work. In fact, it can be done incredibly easily. With a fair bit of tinkering and changing bits and pieces here and there, it would make for a television event that would get millions watching.

'All-Consuming Fire'

The Seventh Doctor (played by Sylvester McCoy in the TV Series) teams up with Sherlock Holmes in 1994's Doctor Who: New Adventures novel, 'All-Consuming Fire' [Credit: Virgin Books]
The Seventh Doctor (played by Sylvester McCoy in the TV Series) teams up with Sherlock Holmes in 1994's Doctor Who: New Adventures novel, 'All-Consuming Fire' [Credit: Virgin Books]

In 1994, five years after the cancellation of the original series in 1989, a novel entitled All-Consuming Fire written by Andy Lane was released under the Doctor Who: New Adventures range published by Virgin Books. In it, The Seventh Doctor and Sherlock Holmes unwillingly team up to solve who stole forbidden books that tell of mythical beasts and gateways to other worlds. It's very good, but trying to describe it can be tough, as it's essentially a book within a book, told mostly in the first person from the perspective of secondary characters. If you've ever read it, you'll see why.

"But wait!" I hear many Whovians and Sherlockians shout, "That's a crossover from over two decades ago! Why bring it up?" Simple. That's how to get these two worlds to collide.

How To Make It Work On TV

If the New Adventures novel Human Nature can be adapted for TV (Series 3 of 21st Century Doctor Who), then surely All-Consuming Fire can also be adapted. However, much like Human Nature, All-Consuming Fire will need some changes for it to work on TV.

Obviously, we can't have Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred back on TV to reprise their roles for an adaptation, as great as that would be. So, much like The Tenth Doctor replaced Seventh, and Martha replaced Bernice in Human Nature, Seventh, Ace and Bernice will have to be replaced in favor of the next Doctor and his companion(s) (if Mackie and Lucas decide to either stay on with the new actor or leave the series alongside Capaldi this year). And of course, we need Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to reprise their roles as and Dr. John Watson in order to not only create a television event, but also attract potential millions of viewers.

Where To Set It?

Cumberbatch and Freeman in 'The Abominable Bride.' 'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]
Cumberbatch and Freeman in 'The Abominable Bride.' 'Sherlock' [Credit: BBC]

And now, where to set it? The modern day, or the 1800s? Both time periods are established in the show, but considering some events that unfold in the novel that would definitely be incorporated into the TV adaptation such as...

...Sherrinford Holmes being in league with the Azathoth to invade Earth. This wouldn't work in the modern setting since we have Eurus Holmes in that time period. We could always have Eurus replace Sherrinford if we were to go with the modern setting, but to reflect the source material, the realistic modern time period that wouldn't fit with Doctor Who, and considering how little of the 1800s period in the Sherlock TV series has been explored...

...then it would make more sense to use the 1800s rather than the modern day. Plus, we're still getting Cumberbatch and Freeman team-up with the Doctor and company, wether it's set in the 1800s or the present.

What Do You Think?

The Wholock Fandom logo
The Wholock Fandom logo

If a and Doctor Who crossover were to happen, would you want it to be based on All-Consuming Fire, or would you prefer a totally original story? Would you want Freeman and Cumberbatch to reprise their roles, or new actors entirely? Do you want it to be set in the 1800s or the modern day? Let me know!

What are your thoughts on a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover?


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