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Since Agents of SHIELD began, one of its most popular characters has been Dr. Leopold Fitz, the dorky but lovably heroic science geek who, after three seasons, managed to get the girl.

Fitz has enjoyed perhaps the most character development aside from Daisy Johnson, the de facto star of the show. Fitz has gone through unrequited love, brain damage, losing his love through his own error of judgement and "crossing the universe" to save her before finally being turned into an android by ADA.

In Season 4's final arc, , he has taken on another alias, The Doctor. This is no benevolent alien flitting about in a time machine. Fitz's Doctor is a cruelly sadistic man who enjoys murder and torture. He's the polar opposite of Leopold Fitz in the "real world"... or is he?

It's clear from how Fitz's life has played out in The Framework that Jemma Simmons was the major influence on his life, even more so than his rarely-mentioned father. Jemma was a good influence, and his love for her steered him on a heroic path in the "real world".

FitzSimmons  [Credit: ABC/Marvel]
FitzSimmons [Credit: ABC/Marvel]

In The Framework however, she seems never to have been part of his life at all, meaning his father was his dominant mentor. While we have not met him, it's clear that Fitz Sr. was not a nice guy. That has now seemingly rubbed off onto Leopold.

The second episode saw perhaps the most shocking and heartbreaking moment of the show's four seasons when Fitz...

Gunned down Agnes, his friend Radcliffe's love, in cold blood - killing her forever as her real body had died of cancer. He did this in spite of Radcliffe telling him of Jemma. Indeed, in front of her after she'd vouched for him and prevented "hero" Ward from killing him. That's a dick move, Fitz.

This will clearly be the end of when the story is resolved, either because she will be unable to forgive him, or because of a terrifying prospect that fans are whispering but almost don't dare speak. Sadly, I think it's going to happen.

Fitz [Credit: ABC/Marvel]
Fitz [Credit: ABC/Marvel]

Fitz is going to kill Jemma...and with her the man we know and love! It seems inevitable, however horrific it will be, that Fitz will take the life of the woman he loves and only then will he realize the truth.

What follows is my theory... but it makes sense based on what we've seen so far.

Fitz will be so distraught when in the finale he kills Jemma and "comes to", that he will try to kill himself...and fail. We know that if you die in the Framework, you die. But what if you get paralyzed?

What if Fitz shot or hung himself, only to be revived as a paraplegic or worse. And what if the "good" Fitz never comes home, leaving the sociopath version in charge of his body, with only one purpose left in his life. Sound like anyone we know?

Enter M.O.D.O.K

MODOK [Credit: Marvel]
MODOK [Credit: Marvel]

While undeniably dark, this chain of events would be an excellent way to introduce to the "real world" in Agents Of SHIELD. (The acronym M.O.D.O.K., by the way, stands for Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing.) With no Jemma (or ADA/Madame Hydra) what would Fitz have to live for other than killing others?

Using his knowledge of technology (and potentially the Darkhold) he could very easily build a version of the M.O.D.O.K. chassis most associated with the character. While the enlarged head doesn't quite fit the MCU, the idea can be adapted much as Arnim Zola was in The Winter Soldier. A simple motorized chair and robotic voice could do a sinister job in presenting the character. Think of Fitz becoming essentially "evil Stephen Hawking," finally designing a chassis that will allow some of his "old self" back, but at a cost.

In this theory, with colleagues rejecting Fitz for Jemma's murder, he finds his way to AIM to help build the chassis. He quickly takes over, setting up Season 5's major arc and potentially a crossover into the movies. Of all the cast, Iain De Caestecker seems to be the one who would be the most natural fit in the movies... and M.O.D.O.K. could be a problem too big for the TV team to solve alone. There's scope for Iron Man 4 there.

There were rumors of Peter Dinklage being in this role for Avengers Infinity War, but he looked more like Pip The Troll as filming began. So it's difficult to see this situation ending any other way for Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.

As much as fans were shipping them, these episodes are showing Fitz is capable of much more as a character. If you offered most fans of the the choice of more or getting M.O.D.O.K... well, much as we love her, Jemma is basically on the slab already, so let's go M.O.D.O.K.


Would you trade FitzSimmons for M.O.D.O.K.?


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