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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Gotham Season 3.

The third season of Gotham has focused heavily on furthering the Batman mythology and while it has been successful in doing so, the series has also managed to create its own unique version of the mythos. Occasionally deviating from comic canon, Season 3 of Gotham explored its own original storylines, including The Penguin's sexuality and his relationship with Nygma. However, despite each of these compelling storylines, all anyone can talk about is the return of Jerome, which will be the focus of three Gotham episodes set to air in January.

The fan favorite character originally met his demise in Season 2, but after viewers created an uproar, executive producer John Stephens confirmed that actor Cameron Monaghan would reprise his role as the crazed clown in Season 3. Monaghan has been teasing fans on social media with snapshots of Jerome's new appearance, but for some, the idea of the character's return still sounds preposterous — How could Jerome possibly come back from the dead?

The mid-season premiere, entitled "Ghosts", set up a multi-episode arc that will see Monaghan's character come back to life. While Jerome himself barely featured in the episode, we now know how Gotham's clown price of crime will be coming back and it's much more terrifying than you could imagine.

Some of us thought that Jerome was seen in the Season 2 finale when Fish Mooney inadvertently released all of Hugo Strange's experiments from Arkham, but it appears that this wasn't the case. Let's take a look at how Gotham will bring back Jerome and if he will indeed undergo a transformation that will turn him into the greatest comic book villain of all time — The Joker.

Dwight Pollard Will Bring Back Jerome

Dwight is responsible for it all. [via FOX]
Dwight is responsible for it all. [via FOX]

When Jerome was killed off back in Season 2, it was made pretty clear that his death was going to leave a lasting effect on the citizens of Gotham. Jerome was the ultimate anarchist and even in death, he inspires the people of Gotham to break the rules and live on their own terms. This is where newbie Dwight Pollard comes in.

David Dastmalchian, who recently guest starred on CBS' MacGyver, plays the villainous character who is seemingly the leader of Jerome's cult. Pollard gathered alongside several other Jerome fanatics in some sort of ritual, re-watching the news footage of Jerome from last year and together, the entire room repeated the clown character's signature line — "you ain't seen nothin' yet".

It's true, the madness is only just beginning. Running alongside this storyline, Jim and Bullock were investigating a mysterious case that saw a woman — who had been pronounced dead — walking out of the city morgue. Pollard —who works at the morgue — is part of an elaborate scheme that involves bringing people back to life. At the end of the episode it was revealed that he has one goal — to bring Jerome Valeska back from the dead.

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What Will Jerome Do When He Returns?

Jerome won't be asleep for long — he's got work to do. [Via FOX]
Jerome won't be asleep for long — he's got work to do. [Via FOX]

One thing that Jerome had a flare for was causing chaos and it looks like we're set for even more of that when the character (finally) returns to screens next week. If Pollard's plan works — and we know it will — then the cult of Jerome will have their leader back. "Ghosts" confirmed that the crime rate of Gotham City has decreased since Penguin became mayor of the city, but it won't be long before Jerome instils fear and begins a reign of terror, much like he did in Season 2.

Let's not forget that Jim and Jerome had a playful rivalry before the clown was murdered by Galavan. Now that Jerome is back in town, Jim will be unable to rest until the manic is brought to justice. In the second season, Monaghan had some great scenes with Ben McKenzie who plays Jim Gordon, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Jim hunt the psychopath down — could he be the one to defeat Jerome this time? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

He's Back. [Via FOX]
He's Back. [Via FOX]

After months of speculation and theories about how Jerome Valeska would be making his triumphant return, we finally know the answer — his crazed followers are going to bring him back to life. Although the citizens of Gotham have already been forced to deal with Poison Ivy, The Mad Hatter and the downfall of Captain Barnes this season, it looks like the biggest threat is yet to come. Jerome is coming back and, if Jim Gordon is unable to stop him, then perhaps the crazed clown will have the last laugh after all.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX. How do you feel about Jerome's resurrection on Gotham? Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below.


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