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Larry David's semi-improvised, always cringeworthy comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm was feared by many to be dead and gone before Season 9 was announced back in June — five years after Larry's last outing. Now, with any doubt cast aside and the excitement settling down, fans of the show will be curious about how the real Larry David intends to pick things up where he left off. The closing scene of Season 8 saw the LA writer left loitering the streets of Paris, courtesy of one of his trademark elaborate lies.

No plot points for the upcoming season have been revealed, and its uncertain which of the fellow cast members will be able to return, but there are some distinct possibilities for how things could play out.

1. Larry In Paris

After telling Michael J. Fox that he'd be in the French capital for two months, this possibility would coherently follow Larry David from where he left off, despite the show's hiatus. Putting Larry in a foreign country would certainly shake things up, even more so than moving him to New York did in Season 8, but the language barrier could be difficult to maintain. A strong compromise would be to continue Larry's Parisian escapades in the season's opening episode before returning him to LA for subsequent chapters. After all, its not uncommon for long running shows to have a short yet radical change of scenery in order for those behind the scenes to remain — contrary to Curb's branding — enthusiastic.

If the city of light is to play host to any awkward encounters Larry David's character is now renowned for then these will almost write themselves — especially with Leon still in the frame, after last being seen wearing a beret and eating some humorously uncultured fast food. It will be an upmost priority to get J. B. Smoove attached once more and, if the producers can successfully pull this off, it would likely mean an even bigger part for Leon in Season 9. This is because even though Jeff Garlin is eager to reunite, his appearances might have to be less frequent due to the actor's commitments on the popular sitcom The Goldbergs.

One last pitch for setting Curb Your Enthusiasm in Paris is that the show often likes to centre each season on a particular project of Larry's, therefore perhaps he could become involved in an arty French movie? It's hard to see how that couldn't bring in some solid laughs.

2. Larry Five Years Later

Curb Your Enthusiasm has often breached into Larry David's actual post-Seinfeld career, such as the movie Sour Grapes of which he wrote and directed. This could be replicated by addressing the lengthy break this hiatus provided, in which the Curb creator pursued another project; the TV movie Clear History. Also having aired on HBO, it would be easy to acknowledge Clear History's existence within Curb Your Enthusiasm's own fictional universe.

Alternatively, the five year absence could be acknowledged with a series of made up projects undertaken by Larry David's character that, depending on their levels of success, could shift his outlook — or, more likely, have him remain at his trademark status quo.

Aside from his professional endeavours, Larry's personal developments within the extended timeframe could also be explored. Perhaps he has successfully rekindled the relationship with Cheryl that, against the usual consistency of television, was never fixed after falling apart in Season 6? Then again, he could just as easily be hounding after her so many years on or, alternatively, be involved with the latest in a chain of girlfriends and failed crushes.

The world's landscape has changed significantly since Curb Your Enthusiasm last aired in 2011 so it would undoubtedly be interesting to see how Larry, with a sudden jump forward in time, has changed himself.

3. Larry Returns To Seinfeld... Again

While in the heat of trying to win back Cheryl in Curb Your Enthusiasm's seventh season, Larry was also working on a Seinfeld reunion. Of all the occasions the hit show has driven the plot of Curb, this was the most extensive, meaning that another get-together wouldn't exactly be a special occasion.

However, during the show's hiatus, there has been a distinct rise in nostalgia television — most notably Netflix's Fuller House. The show could mock this very concept by focusing its narrative on a complete Seinfeld reboot and, for satirical laughs, it could turn out bad, redundant, and even ruining of the original's legacy.

While it seems unlikely that Larry David would want to make Seinfeld a central focus of his subsequent show once more, it wouldn't be surprising to at least see a smooth talking TV executive try to push his character into making a reboot. In fact, its probably a conversation the real life Larry David has already faced on at least one occasion.

In Conclusion

We probably won't know many details about Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 until it actually airs — presumably in 2017. This is largely down to the mass amount of improvised dialogue the show famously includes, meaning that even those directly involved won't know the specifics until the cameras start rolling. Although, one thing that should become apparent over the coming months is which cast members will be returning.

Ultimately, most fans of the series will be confident that, having managed to remain fresh over the course of a decade, Curb Your Enthusiasm can continue to do so regardless of its timeframe or location.

What will Larry David get up to in Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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