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Robert Kirkman is a man of many secrets. Just earlier this week, the creator of the Walking Dead comics was explaining how — unlike a certain George R.R. Martin — he'd never share the ending of the story he had in mind with the showrunners. That way, he felt the TV version wouldn't spoil his books, and each could preserve their creative identity.

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Image Comics

Now it's the start that he's sworn to take to his grave, saying he would never reveal what exactly caused the zombie apocalypse. Speaking at the New York Comic Con, he even revealed it wasn't because he hadn't thought it out — it was a clear choice to keep this secret from us.

"I'll never reveal what the source of the outbreak is in the comic. I'm never going to do that. I know what caused it."

Although he admitted that once (or if ever) the comics come to an end, he might just capitalize on this piece of information:

"I'll publish a little book that explains it because I'll be broke."

More spin-offs? If the Walking Dead franchise were a character in the story, it'd be the last man standing.

How Could The Apocalypse Have Started On The Walking Dead?

With all the zombie movies and shows, we pretty much know the recipe for a good apocalypse. Usually it's a virus, but its origins can differ; is it coming from an alien source? Was it created by a mad scientist with an obsession to save the world from itself? Did it come from Mother Nature, as an ecological metaphor for the planet being sick of its most polluting inhabitants?


What do you think caused the apocalypse on 'The Walking Dead'?

Do We Really Need To Know, Though?


There are enough options that we could debate this all night, but Kirkman also pointed out that the reason for the apocalypse isn't really the point of the story:

"What am I going to do? Have a scientist walk up and say the president was working with NASA? Any effort to have them become aware of the source would bring the comic into the realm of science fiction and I don't think that would be necessary."

And it's true that the point of The Walking Dead isn't figuring out the science that will save them all; it's a story of survival, a tale of the fine line between human and animal where the end of days bring out the best and the worst in each of the characters. It's the fact that some of the poor survivors fight to stay human that also makes us root so much for them, sending the entire fandom into a frenzy when the finale of wouldn't tell us who had met Negan's Lucille up close. But even if we'll never know why the apocalypse happened, let's hope Rick & co. can find a way around it.


Would you like to know how the apocalypse came about on 'The Walking Dead'?

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