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Parents, godparents, grandparents and friends alike will all tell you the incredible infatuation kids all over the globe continue to have with Disney's Frozen. The innumerable -themed kids parties have seen a whirlwind of high-pitched Elsas running across lawns to the delight of parents for years.

The power of an engaging and empowering musical fantasy with well written and catchy songs had frozen the daily lives of millions into a magical ice age that seemed to have no end.

But, Then Came Along Moana

'Moana' [Credit: Walt Disney Studios]
'Moana' [Credit: Walt Disney Studios]

Seemingly out of nowhere, that sure bet — a winning combination of musical scores and blue cordial — has melted away to a landscape of waves and sunshine. Disney's Moana has seen kids finally let go of Frozen and embrace a new era that has set sail with renewed energy.

Once again, the path of discovery for strong-willed and courageous characters has captured the imagination of millions of fans. Disney really is the master of this tried and proven formula that teaches moral lessons through musically entertaining stories of adventure.

The Music Has Won Children's Hearts

Morning routines around the household now begin with songs from Moana to lift spirits and speed things along as part of the daily rush to exit the door. The cheerfully repeatable songs from Moana are now becoming well established as the soundtrack to families lives.

All of the music and characters in Moana strike a chord with personalities of every family. The inescapable voice of Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords suits the song "Shiny"perfectly, and will draw out the more flamboyant member of the family in a spinning display of excess and fun.

Who Knew Dwayne Johnson Could Sing!

I have to admit, the song "You're Welcome" from Moana is my song of choice, and usually follows me to work these days. Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. , is forever singing away in my head after I kiss my daughter goodbye in the morning. The song, and his character, Maui, are just too likable, and I have given up trying to not join in with my daughter's obvious delight in singing this song every day

Embrace This New Obsession

For people who have made it through the Frozen lunch boxes, coloring books and princess outfits, this new round of Disney madness will seem inevitable. Kids love Disney movies — there is no point fighting it, people. The only thing we can do now is prepare to embrace it. Learn how to make DIY costumes, google interesting and creative Polynesian recipes and, of course, make your house look appropriately shiny for the onslaught of tiny guests that are soon to knock on the door.

For mothers and fathers who do find themselves inadvertently dropping Moana quotes at work, look up and see who notices. For those that do, you will know who else understands how good life can be, too.

How has Disney's Moana changed your daily life? Sound off in the comments below.


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