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Marvel Studios never ceases to amaze with its great movies. The studio's streak of groundbreaking films extends from Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy. Although was a great film, it also marked a change in direction for the , allowing us to explore space and to realize there are more threats out there than the typical megalomaniac gods and aliens we were used to. The film showed us there are beings that are a threat to the universe, rather than just to Earth.

Now that we've seen other reaches of the universe, we can now focus on Doctor Strange. A lot of fans familiar with the Sorcerer Supreme were looking forward to this film. We knew it was going to blow people away, but how will Doctor Strange change the MCU?

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4. Another Infinity Stone

Marvel Studios has done an excellent job of hiding the thus far and an impeccable job of revealing them. If the rumors are true, Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto contains the Time Stone. Currently, four of the six stones have been revealed in the MCU: Space, Reality, Power and Mind.

The Time Stone is able to see in the past and look into the future and is also able to stop time. It also grants the user control over reality itself, which fits Doctor Strange's abilities. I really hope this rumor turns out true. It would be silly for it not to be, am I right? Adding another Infinity Stone means that this film will definitely set up Infinity War.

3. The Film Introduces Magic

I'm not talking about magic — well, kind of. Marvel began its first few films focused on some science. When Thor was introduced, it shifted toward aliens and opened the universe a tad more. With Doctor Strange, the focus is completely on magic. Sure, you could say that Thor introduced magic, but Asgard believes magic and science is one in the same thing.

With the introduction of magic, this gives the perfect opportunity to show us other dimensions and new characters. With Doctor Strange we can finally see battles in other realms with sorcerers and demons. This gives us an opportunity to see Dormammu, Akhenaten, Balor and other friends and allies of the good doctor.

2. Introduction To Marvel's Multiverse

The is a collection of existing universes and timelines. This allows us the opportunity to explore other versions of characters, such as an evil Iron Man or a good Dr. Doom. This also means we can explore other dimensions/realms like . Strange could be the key to locating Thanos for the ultimate fight in Infinity War. He could also be the way to contact Star-Lord and his crew.

On a side note, introducing Doctor Strange gives the MCU an even longer lifespan. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans can only be Iron Man and Cap respectively for so long. With their contracts coming to a close, it's just a matter of time before they no longer appear on the big screen. I really hope that all these actors stay with the MCU forever, but Doctor Strange's multiverse can be the key to changing cast members.

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1. Introduce New Characters

Doctor Strange is the key to a fleet of new characters. Perhaps we can finally get to see Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel (Kree version), the Watcher, the Living Tribunal and others. If the studio plays this right, they could also toy around with the Spidey-verse. A lot of fans wanted the next reboot of to be Miles Morales, instead we got Tom Holland as Peter Parker. I'm sure fans are totally fine with that, but it would be cool for Doctor Strange to mark a new version of New York and give us a film featuring the Spider-Man, or finally get the anticipated Spider-Man: 2099.

Now that Sony is finally "sharing" Spider-Man, it wouldn't be too farfetched for Fox to share some or all of the . Doctor Strange would be the perfect platform for this. If not the X-Men, then perhaps the Fantastic Four? I've always wanted a great film and it's about time Marvel Studios got the rights to own them. Without Mister Fantastic and Professor X, it'll be odd to introduce the Illuminati team, but again, anything is possible. The possibilities with the introduction of Doctor Strange are endless.

Have you seen Doctor Strange? What other Marvel characters would you like to see Doctor Strange introduce? Don't forget to comment and share!

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