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Things are developing for the next X-Men spin-off film Logan. Last week the web was filled with reports about the next Wolverine film, which included the details and images for Logan. Now, things continue to progress forward for the movie as the villain for Logan has just been confirmed. According to the film’s Instagram profile, Narcos star Boyd Holbrook will be playing the villainous Donald Pierce in the 2017 blockbuster. In the comics, Donald Pierce is a cyborg who was a known member of the Hellfire Club, but he broke away from the Club and started his own group of cyborgs known as the Reavers.

What Does This Mean For Logan?

So with Pierce confirmed as the film’s villain, what exactly does this mean for this upcoming movie? With the this cyborg's connection to the Hellfire Club, it may be possible that the group will return to the silver screen. The last time this secret society was on film it was during the 2010 blockbuster X-Men: First Class where the leader of the Inner Circle, Sebastian Shaw, served as the main antagonist. Perhaps the inclusion of Donald Pierce in Logan will be a way for the spin-off to connect with the previous X-Men films.

Then again, it is just as likely for this version of Pierce to stray from his comic origins. The X-Men franchise is no stranger to creating different takes on characters, so it is possible for Logan's Donald Pierce to be a new version of the villain and have little connection with his comic book counterpart.

Plus, there is the matter of how Nathaniel Essex (a.k.a. Mr. Sinister) fits into all of this, seeing that it was confirmed last week that the X-Men villain would be making his film debut in the 2017 film. It has been noted that the story centers on an organization led by Nathaniel Essex tracking down the remaining mutants and using them for experimentation. To enforce the corporation's purpose, Donald Pierce and his Reavers serve as the organization's security.

Although Sinister is confirmed for the movie, information does not state that the villain serves as the main antagonist for the film, merely that Essex will make his first appearance in the movie. So, for the moment, it looks like Pierce and his Reavers will present the main threat to Logan. If this is the case it does seem weird for Pierce to take center stage as the main villain seeing that his cybernetic traits do not coincide with the movie's main concept. Then again, with the series featuring robots in the past, perhaps Pierce's role in Logan will not feel too alienating.

It is anyone’s guess just what the filmmakers have in store for Donald Pierce. It is just as likely that this take on the character will remain faithful to the comics as it is for the character to be a unique interpretation. However, given the premise behind Logan, it seems that an enemy like Pierce could serve as formidable threat for the weathered Wolverine.

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

Check out another favorite scene from X-Men: First Class that stars our very own Wolverine below:

What do you think the filmmakers have in store for Donald Pierce?


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