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Thor: Ragnarok has promised thus far to be the best Thor film, an epic adventure across space, a hilarious buddy cop movie and a huge set up for Avengers: Infinity War. However, one important detail about what we're expecting to see in the film still confuses me a little bit.

How Does Hulk Get Into Space?

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Avengers: Age of Ultron' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

We are expecting to see and Hulk trapped on a gladiatorial-style planet during the film, where they are forced to fight multiple other prisoner aliens in a partial adaption of the Planet Hulk storyline. However, for Thor to crash land on this planet and find Hulk — supposedly set to happen after Hela takes over Asgard and casts Thor out — Hulk has to manage to get off of Earth and onto this other planet.

The last we saw of the big green goliath, he was headed off into the sunset on a plane on his own, having left girlfriend Natasha and all the other Avengers after defeating Ultron. It appears like Bruce Banner won't be appearing in human form as much in , so the question is: Why not? Has something or somebody been messing with the off-screen, resulting in the Hulk becoming more sentient and in control of Banner, as well as on an alien planet instead of Earth? Or, will we see Banner being removed from our planet in the opening scenes of the film? Here are my favorite options for how Hulk ends up off Earth.

1. Meeting With Thor

Hulk and Thor throw down in 'Ragnarok'. [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Hulk and Thor throw down in 'Ragnarok'. [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Is it possible that Hulk isn't meant to be sent into space? What if a certain post-credits scene that we saw at the very end of Doctor Strange — showing Stephen promising help to Thor in return for him leaving Earth alone — comes near the beginning of Ragnarok? Could we then see them finding Odin on Earth, and accidentally finding Hulk in the process? They could then be teleported, either by Strange or somebody like Hela, to this other planet. It's entirely possible that Hulk is merely caught up in Asgardian crossfire in this adventure, as Bruce Banner didn't look too likely to get into intergalactic battles the last time we saw him.

2. The Government

'The Avengers' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'The Avengers' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

It is possible, though unlikely, that the government actually manage to get rid of Hulk. In the original comic book storyline, the government and other heroes got rid of Hulk because he was becoming uncontrollable. Of course, in light of the accords, somebody like General Ross would probably be all too happy to manipulate the government into getting Hulk blasted off into space if he refused to sign.

The only issue with this is that Tony Stark would probably find out somehow that this is happening and be able to stop it. Unless of course he doesn't, and we see a bit of backlash heading into Avengers: Infinity War where Hulk is angry at Tony for letting it all happen and refuses to fight alongside him.

3. The Grandmaster

Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster in 'Ragnarok'. [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster in 'Ragnarok'. [Credit: Marvel Studios]

The Grandmaster. In Comics, this elder of the universe has often used Earth's heroes in his games of strategy against other powerful beings such as Kang the Conqueror and Death. He pretty much doesn't care about anybody's lives or well being. I can't wait for Jeff Goldblum to play him on screen!

Grandmaster could easily teleport Hulk off of Earth and bring him to a gladiatorial-style planet that he is currently presiding over. It's exactly the type of thing that Grandmaster would do, and certainly makes the most sense.

That's all folks! How do you think Hulk will make his way into space for an epic buddy adventure with Thor? Let me know in the comments, check out more of my articles below and go to The Comical Theory on Facebook and @ComicalTheory on Twitter for more of my crazy ramblings!


How do you think Hulk ends up in space in 'Thor: Ragnarok'?


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