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The Flash is arguably the best superhero show on TV. No other superhero can make our hearts race faster with excitement like CW's speedster! We all know that The Flash is the fastest man alive, but have you ever wondered just how fast Barry Allen can actually move? This Stackexchage user has done the math! Here's a breakdown:

Barry Allen's Speed Is Growing Exponentially!

Back in the beginning of Season 1, Barry wasn't as fast as he's now. When he first runs for S.T.A.R. Labs in "City Of Heroes" he went a little over 300mph! This alone certainly sounds impressive, but it's a tiny milestone to The Flash's true speed potential. In the same episode, Barry unraveled an F5 tornado running at more than 700mph! At this point, Barry's speed was at Mach 1. Mach 1 is equal to the speed of sound (761mph). In "The Flash Is Born," he run 800 miles an hour, a speed considered supersonic! In the season finale, "Fast Enough," he passes Mach 2 (1,522mph) in order to travel back in time to the night his mother was killed.

Mach 13.2 Is His Top Speed (For Now)

His vigorous training with S.T.A.R. Labs has certainly paid off because in the second season his speed continued to improve! In "Trajectory," when he had to leap across a bridge, he passed Mach 3.3 (approx. 2283mph)! When he acquired the Tachyon device in "Versus Zoom" he went four times faster than ever, which would calculate to about Mach 13.2 (approx. 10,128mph)!

But What Exactly Is The Flash's Potential Top Speed?

So, how fast could Barry potentially go? Does he have a top speed? We know that Zoom was much faster than Barry and as the Stackexchange user noted at Mach 13.2, with the help of the tachyon device, he was going faster than Zoom. In Season 2's finale, "In The Race Of His Life," Barry outran Zoom, who was faster than ever after having consumed Barry's original speed.

In "Runaway Dinosaur" Barry finds himself in the Speed Force itself. As we know, the Speed Force is the source of his super speed, so to be able to go within the source itself it really shows that he has potential to reach a lot faster velocities.

In "Invincible," Barry jokingly dismissed Joe's statement that he can go Mach 50 by saying that "Mach 50 isn't a real thing." However, "Runaway Dinosaur" set the bar much higher and Mach 50 doesn't sound like it's impossible! Barry even used the Speed Force to help Jesse come out of her coma! Cisco asked him: "Are you, like, magic now?" Truly, his journey into the Speed Force is magical!

The Flash returns Tuesday, January 24 on The CW! Check out Season 3's promo below:

How fast do you think Barry will run in Season 3?


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