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Two superhero franchises that are years ahead of their competition are Fox's X-Men franchise and Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Both have been playing the game of building a universe from comic book characters that continue to appeal to fans while allowing them some creative freedom in the stories. One thing fans have been crying out for is a crossover of the and the X-Menverse characters in a single movie, but how? The primary issue behind the concept is that both film series are set in different universes; however, hope may be unlocked if they pull out the Beyonder.

Who Is The Beyonder?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

The Beyonder is considered one of the most powerful entities of the Multiverse. First appearing in 1984, he wanted to settle the ultimate argument of which would win: good or evil? Pulling parts of other planets together, he created his own world known as Battleworld. With his arena set, he collected various heroes and villains to help settle the matter once and for all. This gave birth to the Secret Wars and is still one of the most popular Marvel comic book stories of all time.

How Would It Work In The Films?

Put simply: They would alter his ambition. During the comics, he wanted to see who would win in a war against good versus evil. A movie could make it so he wants another question answered: Who are stronger — the Avengers or the X-Men?

The Avengers vs X-Men comics is why fans would love to see a live-action crossover, and the Beyonder gives them the means. He would still create a planet for the battle to be fought on, but it would be heroes versus heroes. The planet could even be outside of the the MCU and X-Menverse and be in its own universe. He would then pull a selection of characters from both film series and the fun would commence. The film could naturally converge to where both sides realize they are being played by a bigger power and go after the Beyonder as a united force.

While the movie could diverge massively from both the Secret Wars and AvX storylines, it would not be the first time this has happened. The Phoenix saga and Civil War are both examples of comic book titles seeing a very different format on the big screen, Secret Wars could be next.

The Beyonder Has Been Used Before

During the 1990s Marvel held a massive audience through a shared animated universe with series for the , Ironman, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Hulk. In the final series of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, the Beyonder appeared and made Spider-Man select his team of heroes to face the villains in Secret Wars.

These episodes took the idea and format of the Secret Wars and altered it to allow for characters from all the shows to be pulled together. While it did keep a similar format as the comics (a fight against good and evil), it did have a much smaller pool of heroes and villains.

True Origins

During the construction of Battleworld, a large portion of New York City was used. Along with the buildings and streets, all of the population was also taken for the ultimate fight. Among them was a young woman named Julia Carpenter, who is inspired to help the people and becomes the heroine Arachne.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Donning a black and white spider-themed suit, she joined the side of good. Later in the war, Spider-Man encounters something everyone knows but few know its origins: the Venom symbiont. In an area of Battleworld, Spider-Man discovers a machine thought to be a fabric replicator. It creates a black sphere that engulfs and bonds with him, giving him his iconic black and white suit. While many think Venom fell to Earth, originally he was introduced in the Secret Wars comics.

With Marvel now back in control of the Spider-Man movie, a Secret Wars film could allow them to give viewers something new. Secret Wars would give Marvel the option to introduce Venom the way he was in the original comics. Marvel would also have the doorway open to introduce Arachne without having her own origin film. Fans have wanted Spider Woman to arrive in the films for some time, but Arachne could be a delightful surprise instead.

Will A Crossover Ever Happen?

It is hard to say for certain; one thing we do know is that both studios know fans want it to happen. The biggest issue (aside from character rights) is the continuity of crossing the two universes together. The Beyonder having an altered purpose behind his Secret Wars is perhaps Marvel's best option to achieve this and to give fans a film they have been begging for. The big question next is: Which studio would take charge of creating the film?


Could you see a Secret Wars film being the solution to create the crossover film?


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