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It's hard to believe that Marvel had their first Comic-Con panel in 2006 when and and were talking Iron Man, while tried to convince us all that the Hulk was still a thing and was going to bring the mayhem in a way that and only dreamed of doing. The idea that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner would eventually cross over in The Avengers, a film that grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide, is almost as baffling that comic book movies would be getting made with such consistency to begin with.

However, that's what happened and the rest is history. Marvel's world was solidified by a creator - Feige - with such a distinct vision for choosing what sticks with audiences and going with it, creating a web of possibilities in the process. Their upcoming slate, the very niche Guardians of the Galaxy and the mysticism of Doctor Strange may lack the panache of its earlier films that weave so seamlessly, but its still much more on track than DC, who has yet to really find its leader.

is done with his standalone Dark Knight films. - whose "visionary" label has been called into question time and time again - is still a director, not a studio exec. That being said, he managed to sneak in Easter eggs into Man of Steel. He wowed everyone at this year's Comic-Con by announcing that a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film was happening, partially based on the popular 's popular four-part series, The Dark Knight Returns. Sales for the graphic novel surged 161% after Comic-Con.

After that news, it was announced that Miller was being brought in to consult on the new film, creating mixed reactions among fans. And most recently, it was announced that would replace as billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. There's already a petition to remove him from the film. The announcement came from Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, and Sue Kroll, President, Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution, Warner Bros. Not exactly household fanboy names like Feige.

DC and Marvel have always been pitted against one another. It's as classic as Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The only difference is that some of Marvel's film properties don't actually belong to Marvel. the X-Men and Fantastic Four, for example, belong to Fox, while the Spider-Man universe belongs to Sony. There's much more at play here than two companies.

While diehard enthusiasts clamor and hope that one day these properties are going to go back to Marvel in full, I'm going to disagree: I think Fox can create a different kind of comic book movie while Marvel goes off into the cosmos and DC tries to make people care about the Justice League Part One.

's X-Men: Days Of Future Past may be getting some negative publicity due to the fact of how giant his cast actually is, especially since it takes place in a less-than-stellar future and the 1970s. However, the opportunities - mutant time travel, rewriting the future, and ultimately its large cast - create an exponential number of possibilities where the series can go.

Many people understandably assume that this means a potential crossover with the Fantastic Four, however I'm personally hoping that this means the torch being passed down from the X-Men to the eventual X-Force team. Whether that's the original team or the new Uncanny X-Force, the overall feeling is the same: A militarized version of the X-Men that's more on par with an 80s action movie with espionage.

Whether - the common thread throughout the X-universe decides to join or not has yet to be seen - however, if anything he could bridge the gap and present a new hero for Fox. Despite people wanting a Deadpool movie, I'd definitely bet on this person being Cable. Most importantly, however, it's going to be Fox's big three creative forces that will solidify the X-Cinematic Universe: , , and . That's something that DC doesn't have.

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