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is a director who likes to do things his own way. He wants a 7-minute single shot sequence which travels through a war zone? He's going to get one. He wants to give a beloved children's book series a darker twist? Well, he's going to do that too.

He seems to have also maintained his artistic vision with his latest space-masterpiece, Gravity. With only two characters (played by and ), sparse dialogue and barely a handful of scene cuts in the entire film, Gravity is unlike most other movies. However, that doesn't mean it was always going to be that way. In a recent interview with io9, Cuarón reveals some of the ideas suggested by studio execs which would have probably spelled disaster for Gravity:

With making a film it's like trying to create a tune in the shower, while you have a hundred people singing around you. You have to focus yourself in on the tune that you're trying to create... People start suggesting other stuff. "You need to cut to Houston, and see how the rescue mission goes. And there is a ticking clock with the rescue mission. You have to do flashbacks with the backstory." But we were very clear that this was the film that we wanted to make.

It seemed execs were eager to fill Gravity with the same old movie cliches we've seen time and time again. He continued:

The whole thing of the flashbacks. A whole thing with... a romantic relationship with the Mission Control Commander, who is in love with her. All of that kind of stuff. What else? To finish with a whole rescue helicopter, that would come and rescue her. Stuff like that.

Personally, I am infinitely glad that Cuarón resisted the urge to comply to these kind of demands. Sure, I can totally understand why studio heads make such populist suggestions — after all it is their money which is being invested. However, if the recent record-breaking box office success of Gravity has proven anything, it's that sometimes a purity of artistic vision can be just as lucrative.

What do you think? Do you actually like any of these ideas? Let us know below.


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