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Ever since last year's reveal that Steve Rogers was working for HYDRA, fans have been digging up loads of evidence to shut down this twist. One of the major pieces of evidence that Marvel Comics tried ignoring was how HYDRA Cap was able to lift Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Only those who are worthy and have a pure heart can lift Thor's hammer, and an evil, sadistic, backstabbing person who works for a criminal organization isn't what most of us consider worthy.

As controversial as the HYDRA Cap storyline was (and is), still seemed quite interested in keeping the story alive. Even today, that story has been the main plot in the Marvel Comics universe. Marvel would eventually have to acknowledge how Steve was able to lift Thor's hammer. Now, we have an official answer, and it's most certainly not what you expected.

How Steve Was Able To Wield Mjlonir

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

While Secret Empire #10 gave fans a epic battle between HYDRA Cap and the real Captain America, it also gave us the answer to a question that has burning Marvel fans' tails since early 2016. Marvel has been using the same silly excuse as to why HYDRA Cap was able to lift Thor's hammer for some time, saying that his "will" and faith in his mission has seemingly made him worthy. If Captain America was able to lift Mjolnir simply because he believed in the work he was doing, than why can't every character in the Marvel universe do the same?

Thankfully, we now have the righteous answer we deserve. HYDRA Cap wasn't able to lift 's hammer because he was worthy; in fact, he never really lifted it at all. As it turns out, Steve's mother Elise (who also works for HYDRA) used shards from the Kobik (Cosmic Cube) to change the inscription on Mjolnir, allowing Steve to lift it. Yet, how did she know he was going to try to lift Mjolnir?

It was revealed that Elise was hiding in the shadows of an alley watching over her son,using the shards so that he could lift Mjolnir before his imminent death. However, the effects only last periodically and are ineffective across larger distances. HYDRA Cap came to this realization in Secret Empire #10 when he attempted to lift Mjlonir in order to take down the real , but failed. However, the real Cap was able to lift Mjolnir, taking down the renounced HYDRA Cap once and for all.

How Will The Story Continue?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Marvel has revealed that the "Secret Empire" storyline will continue in September, with Secret Empire Omega #1. However, many fans are curious as to how will the series continue. While it was believed to be an aftermath story, Marvel is already giving us an aftermath story in Avengers #10 this September. Plus, the title "Omega" doesn't really set the "aftermath" tone. Thankfully, Marvel has given us a plot synopsis that might gives us some insight of what is coming:

"Hydra has fallen, but the world is still not secure! As the heroes of the Marvel Universe stir from the wreckage of the battlefield, the inevitable rebuilding must begin. However, one question hangs in the air over the proceedings: What redemption can there be for Captain America?"

It looks like the series will focus more on bringing back the once beloved Captain America character in an attempt to make him the American icon he once was. Sadly though, if not for the "Secret Empire" storyline, Captain America's character never would've been ruined in the first place. Secret Empire Omega #1 will have a lot of questions to answer, but for now, we wait!

What did you think of Secret Empire #10? Let me know down in the comments! Secret Empire Omega #1 is available to purchase September 13, 2017!


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