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Sophie Atkinson

SPOILER ALERT: This article will be mildly spoilerific about the ninth season of How I Met Your Mother - click away now if you'd rather come to the show fresh!

Yes, we're baffled too by the studio execs' decision to stretch Barney and Robin's wedding weekend over the e-n-t-i-r-e ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother, but it's not all bad, since we've learnt that this slow-moving experimental format will usher in a return of 's character, James Stinson (Barney's half-brother).

Wayne Brady announced the exciting news over Twitter, writing 'Just got back from my 1st HIMYM fitting of the season! Can't wait to shoot on Wed! You may be seeing a little more James this season! Yes!'

Brady's character has been a sporadic feature on the show since the second season. He last appeared in 'The Rebound Girl' (season 7) when we found out that James had enlarged his family by adopting a second child with husband Tom.

This is getting me extra excited for the final season in which all four regular characters will meet the mother, while individual episodes will jump back and forth in time, fleshing out the story.

While the exec producers are keeping the ninth season's story arc on the downlow, what we do know is that season 9 will (mostly) take place across the 56 hour period before Barney and Robin's wedding. Ted will finally meet his bride-to-be at the nuptials!

Production begins this week on the ninth season's first episode, The Locket. Are you excited about Brady's return and if you could choose any other past characters to return, who would you opt for?


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