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It's been three years since we bid farewell to How I Met Your Mother after Ted Mosby's decade-long lesson in love came to an end. Getting used to not having Barney's shenanigans or Marshall's slip-ups on TV every week has been a hard process for some of us. Fortunately for those suffering from HIMYM withdrawal, Fox has been working hard to get a spinoff off the ground.

Back in 2013, was announced. Greta Gerwig, Nicholas D'Agosto, Drew Tarver and Andrew Santino were cast in the lead roles, and a pilot was even shot. Sadly, the project didn't get the greenlight.

A few years later in 2016, Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker were hired to pen a new version of the script. Both of them were promoted to co-showrunners of This Is Us shortly after, however, and the newly-acquired responsibility meant that How I Met Your Father had to be put on hold.

But the third's time the charm, apparently. Give yourselves a huge mental high-five, fellow love-hopefuls, because a new How I Met Your Mother spinoff is official –– wait for it –– ly underway.

Fox Television chairman Dana Walden recently revealed to Deadline that the studio was searching for new writers to take a crack at developing a completely new idea for the spinoff:

"The studio will try [developing a spinoff] with different writers. They will be starting from scratch. It's one that’s been slowly cooked. If it's the right idea the right execution, we’ll take that."

Fortunately, the first person in that new team of writers has been found. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alison Bennett, writer of FX's You're The Worst, has been hired to write a new script for the show, which is still titled How I Met Your Father.

There are so many questions going around in my head right now. The biggest one is whether or not it will be connected to the original series. The previous spinoffs were said to be separate from How I Met Your Mother, but this is a new version, so it's a definite possibility. Plus, we all know we need at least one Barney Stinson cameo.

Getting The Magic Back

[Credit: 20th Century Fox Television]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox Television]

One big question mark people may have regarding this long-in-development spinoff is wether it will have anything new to bring to the table. We spent the better part of a decade getting invested with How I Met Your Mother and its five protagonists, so won't a show with a similar approach just feel like an unnecessary rehash?

Not necessarily. You see, the key to have the spinoff be fresh while still retaining 's essence is in its approach to the story. What made How I Met Your Mother so special was the fact that beneath its comedic elements and crazy shenanigans, it was a representation of real life. The show's creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, actually pulled inspiration from their younger years to write the story and craft Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney. That dedication definitely showed, because each episode felt real (okay, maybe not the time Ted got beat up by a goat).

With that in mind, it would be fantastic if approached writers interested in taking inspiration from their own experiences to craft a story and group characters around. If handled correctly, that would allow the spinoff to stand on its own and feel fresh enough, despite it sharing similar elements to How I Met Your Mother, such as the basic premise of a parent telling their children about their love life.

It's unknown whether Bennett will do that, but I'm certainly crossing my fingers for Fox to go that route. Who knows? Perhaps we're in line for another ten-year classic.

How do you feel about a How I Met Your Mother spinoff coming our way? What do you expect to see in the show? Let me know in the comments!

[Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline]


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