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If there was one thing about Captain America: Civil War that made the whole idea of the Accords seem rather sketchy, it was most certainly the giant underwater prison called The Raft that the government had built to hold anyone opposing the Accords. While Steve Rogers may have been able to break in and save the rest of his team at the end of , that doesn't necessarily mean that The Raft isn't going to be coming back later! Here are three ways that we could see the return of the superhero prison!

1. Used As A Prison For Supervillains?

Credit to Marvel Studios and Netflix
Credit to Marvel Studios and Netflix

This reason certainly makes the most sense. Since it looks like there aren't any more heroes trapped in the Raft, and it is unlikely that General Ross will be able to catch a whole lot of the heroes who have escaped, he may as well start throwing supervillains in.

Look at the picture above, this is what happens when you start trying to throw powerful people such as Frank Castle into normal prisons, and he isn't even the worst of it. Once you start actually keeping any villains with powers alive, you have to put them somewhere, and frankly it seems like the Raft is going to waste government money if they don't start putting people in it.

2. A Base For Other Heroes To Work Out Of?

Credit to Marvel Studios
Credit to Marvel Studios

No offence to the facility, but it just doesn't feel very secret or secure. Sure, Ant-Man had a bit of trouble breaking into it, but he still managed it, and I would like to think that the Avengers, or possibly another team of heroes, would use a place like The Raft instead of this place. The Raft is as secure as you can get, it's got everything you could possibly need, and it's a prison, which can definitely come in handy. I would love to see a team based in a place like the Raft, especially in an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. type capacity!

Check out the New Avengers Facility at the end of Age of Ultron below:

3. Are There Other Prisoners?

Credit to Marvel Studios
Credit to Marvel Studios

All that being said, maybe the Raft really is more important than we could have thought when it turned up in Civil War. What if, instead of being used in the future as a supervillain prison of some kind, it is already being used in such a capacity? Ever wonder why we haven't seen characters such as Abomination or The Leader in the last eight years?

We previously thought that characters from The Incredible Hulk other than Hulk himself weren't available to Marvel because that film and the rights to more Hulk films are still technically owned by Universal Studios. However, with the appearance of General Ross in : Civil War, we now have to question whether it is possible that Ross has been gathering villains such as these two and keeping them somewhere, maybe The Raft? In which case it is possible that he is actively trying to form a team on the scale of what we saw all too recently from Amanda Waller in ? Such a team could easily lead into a Netflix series or film, and would effectively have to be...

1. The Thunderbolts!

Credit to Marvel Comics
Credit to Marvel Comics

The Thunderbolts! A team in comics made up of reformed villains, which has included many characters already in the MCU, such as General Ross (after being transformed into Red Hulk), , Baron Zemo, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Luke Cage, Mr Hyde, Elektra, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Winter Soldier.

With such a well of potential character stories to tap into by using a number of these, you could truly make a great Marvel team outside of the Avengers for the first time, without counting the soon to be formed Defenders. I sincerely hope Marvel doesn't tease us with the possibility of this happening without bringing it to pass, especially since Zemo was such an intriguing villain that I would love to see more of!

That's it folks! Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see the Thunderbolts brought to the screen and check out more superhero related articles below!


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