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The final trailer for Logan hit the internet and its massive. We finally got confirmation of X-23 and we even saw her in action. Nonetheless, even though she was amazing, topping her dual-claw action-packed scenes was the inclusion of an comic book.

According to a theory by Nerdist the comic book could be the ultimate retcon in Fox’s mutant universe and I believe it could also be the key to how the X-Men could finally coexist with the fellows of the .

(In case you haven't, check out the trailer below)

The X-Men Movies Before Logan Are Not What Really Happened

Let me begin by saying this theory is fantastic! Jessica Chobot from Nerdist recently delved into the story behind the creation of the comic book we see in the final Logan trailer. She discussed that head Joe Quesada created the cover of the X-Men comic by request of Hugh Jackman. Since Fox can’t portray Marvel Comics on screen the movie instead switched the comic’s name to “X-Men Comics Group.”

Here is where things get spicy!

In the trailer, when X-23 is reading the comic book, Wolverine says:

“We got ourselves an X-Men fan.”

He then picks up the comic and says:

“Maybe a quarter of it happened, but not like this. In the real world people die.”

It sounds like the X-Men have been romanticized by society. If this is true, then according to Chobot’s theory, all the X-Men movies before Logan are interpretations of the adventures of the real Wolverine, the one we see in the trailer. This means that Logan is the only movie that actually takes place in the real world, the other movies are stories told by someone in this real X-Men universe.

If that’s so, then who was telling the stories?

Most importantly, does this create an opportunity to connect the X-Men universe and the MCU?

I believe it does.

Logan And The X-Men Could Already Be Existing In The MCU

'Logan' | Image Credit: 20th Century Fox
'Logan' | Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Of course, to have the X-Men and the MCU coexisting we need Fox and Studios to work out a deal. Let’s say a deal happens and this possibility is then presented. Simply integrating Logan into the MCU’s timeline perfectly establishes mutants in the .

But how?

Since Logan takes place in 2029 and the events that transpire in the MCU take place in our present, unless stated otherwise like the '40s in Captain America: The First Avenger and the '80s in Ant-Man's opening scene, then it is precisely between these decades that most mutants existed.

Remember, if we follow the theory that all the X-Men movies before Logan are just exaggerated fantasy interpretations of what really happened, then most of what happened in those movies is not true.

It could be that mutants were persecuted coming present time and their story in media (comic books, etc.) was just continued after the '80s or “rebooted,” hence why the original X-Men trilogy takes place in the 2000s and Days of Future Past's last scene takes place in 2024. Those moments could have been added in to “modernize” the X-Men's fable.

Are The X-Men Already In The MCU?

'The Avengers' | Image Credit: Marvel Studios
'The Avengers' | Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Something happened to the X-Men since they are supposedly gone in Logan. If it’s true that takes place in the real world and the previous X-Men movies are all tall tales about Wolverine’s adventures, then if Fox and Marvel finally unite, it presents the perfect opportunity to tie everything together.

Logan could be the MCU's future and Marvel Studios could go ahead and make movies detailing what really happened to the X-Men, not just a quarter of their story, all of it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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