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Yesterday, Studios released the final trailer for . Along with a poster that is most certainly popular, but for all the wrong reasons. I'm still wondering where Ned is on it? Does Happy Hogan play such a substantial role that he's now vital for the marketing of the movie? Or is it just, "Hey, it's that guy from Iron Man!"

Anyways, the trailer was actually pretty amazing. We all knew was going to play a huge role, but this trailer finally went into detail about what we can expect from the upcoming Spider-Man movie, and how it sets itself apart from past iterations.

[Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney]
[Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney]

Spider-Man has been the top dog in every movie because, well, he's the only hero in that universe. The Peter Parker we all know and love is someone who never gets the credit he deserves and he's always clawing his way to the top. Peter is now maturing into a hero in a world where there's the freaking Avengers. That concept right there is ripe for laughs and we already saw Spidey helping out an old lady by giving her directions. That is just too awesome for words, and boy, he looked mighty happy eating that churro.

He's Way-Way Over His Head

In The Amazing Spider-Man, Peter had to stop the Lizard from detonating a bomb which would have turned New York city into giant lizards, giving all alien bloggers a ton of ammo. And quite frankly, it's just insane to think that a high school student would be able to handle all of that. This is what makes Homecoming so special. Tony Stark realizes that Peter isn't ready to battle the type of people who are generally considered supervillians.

He will still have the same weight of the world on his shoulders, just like in the other movies, but this time it can actually be shared. This film has the chance to showcase Spidey's heart like no other because it's part of a shared universe, and yet, Peter will always be in way over his head, just like in the comics. But this time, we don't know if Spidey can do it all by himself. This will make the movie way more exhilarating.

He Finally Has a Mentor

[Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney]
[Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney]

You should be really excited to see how this will play out. We all know that Peter is very young, and yes, I know I've mentioned that a lot throughout this article, but there's a reason why: This is the first Marvel Studios movie dealing with a teenager throughout the course of their high school years. Can you imagine the hissy fit he's going to throw when Tony takes his suit away?

He's probably going to say something to the tune of how Cap was right during Civil War and how much Tony has let him down. The growing pains that Peter will suffer throughout this movie will surely pay off down the road in .

Lastly, do not forget how emotional this will be for Peter. I find the internet loses sight of humanity and forgets that Peter just lost his Uncle Ben. Marvel's not going to highlight this aspect, but Ben's ghost will be haunting Peter throughout this film and Tony will take the blunt of Peter's attacks.

This could be Marvel's most emotional film yet, and that's saying something. Say what you will about Iron Man being advertised too much, but Marvel has already sown the seeds of this relationship and we get to watch it bloom. This is what separates this iteration from all the others. Peter will have to deal with another father figure, but that someone might not be up to the job. You should be far more invested in the Tony and Peter's relationship compared to Iron Man and Spidey's.

A Love Interest That Actually Makes Sense

[Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney]
[Credit: Marvel Studios and Disney]

Marvel likes their heroes to have a love interest. It's really that simple. But in this case, it totally should be in the story. If you make a story about any kid in high school and you don't bring up how awkward love can be, well, then it's kind of unrealistic.

The trailers have done a wonderful job showing how weird he and Ned are to it when it comes to the opposite sex. This doesn't feel shoehorned like Scott and Hope's kiss in Ant-Man, or any of Jane and Thor's entire relationship. Or Cap and Sharon's kiss in Civil War. A great love interest could elevate this film among Marvel's elites.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has the potential to be something very special. We get to see a hero grow in front of our eyes and witness his first failures in his life as the same time as he does. And the most important reason of them all: We finally get to see a solo Spider-Man film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What a great time to be alive!

How excited are you for Spider-Man: Homecoming?


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