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While Moana may have been the one to restore Te Fiti's heart in Disney's Moana, we all know it was actually Maui who grew and changed the most throughout the film.

The cocky demi-god was initially found by our young heroine alone on an island, unwilling to help Moana but also eager to recount his countless feats to her in the brilliant musical number, "You're Welcome."

Throughout the song we hear about many of Maui's most famous feats, including when he lifted up the sky so humans could walk with ease, stole fire from the underworld to keep humans warm, slowed the sun to make the days longer, fished up islands for humans to live on and created coconut trees from the guts of an eel. However, one Maui story that is missing — for the obvious reason that he's still alive in the film — is the legend of how Maui the demi-god met his untimely end.

Oh, you're welcome [Credit: Disney]
Oh, you're welcome [Credit: Disney]

In Polynesian storytelling, Maui has always been known as a great trickster, and his trickery has always been a big part of his myths. However, eventually all of that caught up with him when he sought to make man immortal.

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To gain immortality for man, Maui —accompanied by small birds of the forest — found the Goddess of the Night, Hine-nui-te-pō, who lived at the side of the sky. Maui's father told him that she had a body of human, but eyes of greenstone, hair of seaweed and a mouth like a barracuda.

Yeah, shocking. [Credit: Disney]
Yeah, shocking. [Credit: Disney]

When he arrived at the Goddess's home he found her asleep, with her legs apart and sharp pieces of obsidian glistening from between her thighs. After telling his bird companions not to laugh and risk the Goddess waking up and killing him, Maui transformed himself into a worm, prepared to crawl through the body of the Goddess from vagina to mouth in order to reverse the birth process and emerge immortal.

However, as Maui began his crawl, entering Hine-nui-te-pō's vagina, one of Maui's bird companions was unable to hold back a laugh, which woke the Goddess. As the Goddess woke and felt Maui crawling inside her she crushes him with the obsidian shards inside her vagina, splitting him in half and killing him.

So now you know how Maui, the demi-god in Moana, dies according to Polynesian mythology. You're welcome.

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