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Draw your eyes to the sky, my friends, because according to interviews our favorite giant ape will be a gargantuan 100 feet tall! Of course, there’s bound to be a wise-ass commenter telling me that technically the Kong from the 1962 Godzilla movie was taller, but honestly, we never had an exact measurement — we just kind of assumed he was tall because has always been tall.

Now, with the director’s official word, we’ve got confirmation once and for all that the titular Skull Island will be home to the tallest land animal that ever lived. That said, could an animal as massive as our modern King Kong actually exist in real life, or would he just collapse under his own weight? Well, conveniently for me, someone much smarter than me already did it and compiled it into a handy-dandy infographic!

Check out the infographic from Naze Art and Chris Henrikson below:

The Weight Of 15,750 Apes

[Credit: Naze Art / Chris Henrikson]
[Credit: Naze Art / Chris Henrikson]

A look at the infographic reveals that Skull Island’s Kong would weigh over 1400 US tons. For reference, the Statue of Liberty only weighs 225 tons. No beating around the bush here guys — the new Kong is going to be utterly massive, in both size and body density. Taking into account his weight, his size and the very active lifestyle of an ape, he would literally be creating earthquakes with every single step he made.

That’s not the only reason his realistic existence is problematic, though. One look at Skull Island's topography shows that it’s not exactly a big place. Sure, maps can be deceptive — and maybe the place is far bigger than it looks — but the classification as an “island” rather than a continent like Australia means that it’s smaller than that, and Australia itself is already smaller than the US. Where is Kong supposed to live in a place that tiny?

The Largest Creature That Ever Lived

[Credit: Naze Art / Chris Henrikson]
[Credit: Naze Art / Chris Henrikson]

Remember that Kong isn’t just big, he’s far bigger than any other animal that has ever lived in the history of the planet. I mean, in weight alone he’s roughly 10 times larger than the blue whale, which currently holds the record for the biggest animal that ever lived (yes, even bigger than the dinosaurs). That’s completely nuts! Even assuming that is some kind of immortal anomaly like Godzilla and there’s only one of him rather than an entire species, I personally don’t believe that he’d have the necessary space to live anywhere other than somewhere with a WHOLE LOT of room, like Africa. There’s also the matter of food, which leads us to the final part of the infographic.

An Insatiable Appetite

[Credit: Naze Art / Chris Henrikson]
[Credit: Naze Art / Chris Henrikson]

Here, the author has outlined several facts about Kong that can be inferred from his weight and height, such as his upper body strength, the power of his jaw, and most interestingly, his appetite. It appears that Kong would need to eat something like 50 tons of food a day, which is absolutely insane, and it really puts into question just how realistic a creature like that is, even in the context of a fictional narrative.

Shoutout to Naze Art and Chris Henrikson for making this amazing infographic, which has definitely answered quite a lot of questions that I didn’t even know I had, and more importantly, raised all new ones.

What other scientific questions would you like to see answered in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island?



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