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It hasn't been more than a week since the trailer for Logan debuted and fans are still busy breaking down each scene, trying to determine more details in regards to the plot of the film.

There were several screenshots that stuck out more than others. For instance, Donald Pierce's nonchalant entrance as he uses his cybernetic hand to adjust his sunglasses.

Considering the type of engineering required to create a device capable of such a feat, who knows what else Pierce can do. More importantly, Pierce's hand might become integral to the plot of Logan further down the line — especially if he loses it in a fight with Wolverine.

Logan is known to dismember his adversaries with his claws. Taking someone's hand wouldn't be anything new for the clawed mutant, and — while it's possible that Pierce lost his hand before the events of Logan — this Instagram post from director James Mangold suggests it probably happens during a confrontation with Wolvie.

In the image, we can see a severed hand, holding a shotgun; the caption only says "aftermath," which doesn't add any context. Now that we've learned Donald Pierce is missing one of his hands, it is quite possible this Instagram post from the @wponx account is an image of Donald Pierce's severed hand. Multiple members of Pierce's Reaver team appear to have missing extremities as well, so it could also be one of theirs.

Donald Pierce and the Reavers.
Donald Pierce and the Reavers.

If Pierce and Logan meet under inconvenient circumstances, they probably got into a bit of fisticuffs. And from the looks of Pierce's soldier in the image above — who possesses a cybernetic prosthetic too — it appears as though Wolverine didn't stop with Pierce.

Regardless of the result of their confrontation, the mere aspect of Wolverine having met Donald Pierce in the past is definitely setting up a revenge arc for Pierce's character during Logan. If Wolverine does cut Pierce's hand off, that would definitely give Pierce a reason to want Wolverine dead. Along with the possibility of Pierce being paid to do the job by the global enterprise he works for, he (and his associates) would be thrilled to take on the assignment of killing the Wolverine.

But there's something much more interesting about the nature of Wolverine's affiliation with Donald Pierce...

If it does turn out that Donald Pierce has conflicted with Wolverine in the past, it raises the question of why. Wolverine wouldn't have any reason to involve himself with the likes of Donald Pierce — but Pierce, on the other hand, has connections in Marvel Comics to the Hellfire Club, which is always up to no good.

As to what Pierce might have wanted from Wolverine is unknown, but whatever it was, Pierce definitely wasn't successful in retrieving it.

Logan will be hitting theaters on March 3, 2017.

What do you think happened to Pierce? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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