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Actress Billie Lourd recently sat down with friend and American Horror Story: Cult co-star Sarah Paulson in the first full-length interview since the tragic loss of Lourd's mother and grandmother, beloved actresses Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The interview, featured in Town & Country's September issue, allowed the 25-year-old to speak her mind — and it revealed why Lourd is a perfect fit for the AHS family.

Lourd Has Known Paulson Since Childhood

Sarah Paulson has become a key player for the FX anthology horror series since its debut in 2011, having appeared in every season to date. She has even become Ryan Murphy's go-to actress, starring in sister series American Crime Story.

This may be the first time and have shared the screen together, but their history goes way back. It turns out that Lourd first met Paulson back in 2002 when the former was only 10 years old and the latter in her twenties. Fisher invited Paulson for a dinner party, and Paulson slept over:

Sarah Paulson: "I did. I stayed. I was never really living there. I would spend the night, but I never had a toothbrush. You were the coolest 10-year-old that ever existed."

Billie Lourd: "What was I doing?"

SP: "You were very funny and seemed to be completely comfortable around grown-ups."

BL: "Too comfortable."

The back-and-forth between the friends affirms their comfort with each other, which will hopefully carry over to the small screen. One of the bright spots for is the recycling of cast members, and how well their chemistry carries over from season to season despite different storylines. The tactic has given the show a unique family feel, and Lourd's addition feels fitting.

Similar to Paulson's situation, Lourd is no stranger when it comes to Ryan Murphy, receiving her first TV role with a part in Scream Queens. The show was cancelled after its second season, but Murphy didn't want to let Lourd go, so he cast her in a role for American Horror Story: Cult.

Lourd's Scream Queens co-star (and AHS alum) Emma Roberts will also be featured in the new season. A Chanel reunion is certainly a treat for Scream Queens fans!

With American Horror Story, many of the cast are chosen for their acting range with the hope that they could reappear in future seasons in different roles. Lourd is seemingly game for anything when it comes to working on the show, as she explained to Paulson:

SP: "And now you’re on American Horror Story, which you changed your look for."

BL: "Big-time. I went to fittings. I had this blond hair I’d had my whole life, and I texted Ryan and said, “What are we doing with my hair? I want to do something iconic.” He wrote back and said, “What about gray?” And I was like, “Let’s do it.”

It even turns out Lourd can sing, and she's teasing that she will put out an album before she turns 30 if she's feeling brave enough. Amid all the heartbreak that Lourd has endured the past year, she is finding comfort in stepping out of the shadows on her own. It can never hurt having close friends like Paulson who remind her how much Carrie and her family changed lives for the better.

Billie Lourd will make her American Horror Story: Cult debut September 5th, 2017 on FX.

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(Source: Town & Country)


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