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Hey Star Wars fans. Can't wait for Episode VII? I hear you. So for now I am going to dig around the net, magazines to get closer to it's 2015 release date. We have all pretty much accepted J.J Abrams for the director's chair. So what does Star Wars Episode 7 VII need to really succeed?

A Great Director

. I couldn't pick a better guy to helm such a universe. Star Wars was his and many of our fondest childhood memories. So when I heard that J.J. was hired to direct, I was speechless. I even know some people who despise Star Wars that said if anybody was going to make it popular again it's "the Star Trek guy". Look at Star Trek. That was a franchise that was almost dead. Everybody was surprised that in 2009 Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams was picked to direct such a film. But the rebooted film was a 2009 smash hit with it's sequel Star Trek Into Darkness being a total killer. It has done so well that Paramount wants a third film, earliest by 2016.

Anyway, the point is that Star Wars can be that same rebrand all over again. But what is tricky is that this time, it's not a reboot. It may be a whole new story, despite several characters from the original cast have been confirmed to return. So the script cannot ignore an existing universe. The thing that made Star Trek successful is that J.J. feels that not being a fan of the original series gave him a fresh start to retell the Star Trek story of his own, but without departing from what made the franchise to be successful to begin with. But in this case with J.J. being a huge fan of Star Wars it might be harder for him to go at a steady pace. Not to say he will not take his time. But he needs to respect the previous stories and somehow recollect them in the new stories to come. Everyone thought that 's Superman Returns was going to do well. But it failed because of the rushed, mixed up story that was a flop. However, I have no doubt that the keys to the kingdom are in safer hands than anyone else. As long as J.J. knows how to handle the franchise, it is sure to be the crown jewel of 2015.

Cinematography Like No Other

If we have learned anything from J.J. Abrams' movies is that they have damn good looking shots. Yes most of you when you hear J.J Abrams, you think, lens flares. Yes, I do not doubt that there will be lens flares in the new Star Wars. Sometimes it can be overdone. But if done right it can make a big difference. And this is Star Wars. The shots of space and lightsabers have to be really good. That I bet will be one of the big criticisms of the movie, that it does not look and feel like Star Wars. I'm sure the big fan that J.J. is, he would not want to disrespect the original look of the franchise but to also make it new and cool for a new generation.

Star Wars For a New Generation

Which brings me to my next point. I'm sure J.J. will have homage to the original movies. But this is a whole new trilogy. If this is to be a whole new story with some returning characters, this has to be a new Star Wars for the new coming audiences. That's one of the successes of the 2009 Star Trek and it's sequel. The character's didn't change but rather had a new tone mixed in with the old to give homage to the original fans. That is I think what the new stories should incorporate.

Swashbuckling Special Effects

Another thing that made Star Wars so successful in it's day was the special effects. Ok, yes, comparing it now to the modern day special effects it looks "crappy". But remember that was the real looking thing back in the day. So yes, the special effects team behind Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens must be a real good special effects team. Such as the team that put together Transformers or the original Star Wars, Industrial Light & Magic. They are responsible for all of the fantastic special effects. They have even worked with J.J. on the two Star Trek films. Knowing J.J. is behind the desk and he used the original Star Wars special effects team for Star Trek, there is no question that the effects in this film will be really great!


We all know that this age in time 3D is really pushing it to it's limit. IMAX is advancing and becoming more popular than ever. Even if the film does not get shot using 3D cameras, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be a 3D theatrical and 3D Blu-ray release. But IMAX might a camera that J.J. uses on this picture. J.J. liked his post converted Star Trek in IMAX so much that he helmed the cameras to shoot selected scenes in IMAX for Star Trek: Into Darkness! So shot with 3D, IMAX or not, I'm sure there will be an IMAX 3D or IMAX theatrical release and will most definitely see it in the IMAX Experience!

The Iconic Score

has expressed returning to the Star Wars world as we all expect him too. J.J. has pretty much confirmed that John will return. was a good addition for the rebooted Star Trek's but John Williams space opera for Star Wars is so iconic that the hardcore fans will die if he does not return. As I am sure he will return because he is to good of a talent to give up.

So those are my opinions as to how Star Wars Episode VII or the new trilogy it's self will be a smash hit. Did I miss anything? Anything you would like to add? Hit us up in the comments section below.


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