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There's no denying that the first season of had a much lighter tone than the second; it felt more like the darker shows The Flash and Arrow. The very different feel and relationship drama left more than a few fans unhappy with the direction of the series. And they are ready to start petitions to fix what they consider problems in National City.

So, can Supergirl Season 3 return the show to its brighter days? Here's how the producers can make it happen:

1. Put More Focus On Kara As An Individual

In Season 1, we began learning about Kara, how she developed as Supergirl, and what happened when her friends discovered her background. In Season 2, there was less discovery and more of her need to be a superhero. Of course, that's understandable given that this is a superhero show — but other than a relationship with Mon-El, Kara didn't seem to have much growth as an individual person.

She's not only a woman who can bend steel with her bare hands; she's also a sister, a daughter, a friend, a cousin and a reporter, and we didn't get to see much of those sides of her, except for when the plot absolutely demanded it. These things are as much a part of Kara as the symbol from her home planet.

2. Make Martian Manhunter A Force To Be Reckoned With

In the comics, Martian Manhunter is a heavyweight much like and Supergirl. He has the strength and speed to match the Kryptonian cousins, can fly, shapeshift, read minds, phase through solid matter, and he can regenerate. In fact, he's been described as "the Swiss Army knife of superheroes."

Yet, on Supergirl, he's been defeated too easily, even once by Jeremiah Danvers and a robotic arm. It seems like every fight J'onn J'onzz is in, he doesn't walk away the victor and ends up having to be saved. Fans have grown more than a little irate with how this superhero is being portrayed, and they want to see the Martian Manhunter who can be an actual ally to Supergirl and not just the boss of the DEO who helps out on occasion.

3. Restore The Strong Relationship Between Kara and Alex

In Season 1, Alex and Kara were each other's support system. They shared the good times and the bad, and they relied on one another as sisters do. That connection seems to have melted away with the introduction of romantic interests, and they rarely spend quality time with one another.

Fans want the interaction between the sisters, as only Alex will ever be able to fully understand what Kara has gone through since being adopted by her parents. She's witnessed the struggles of her sister and has been Kara's rock. The writers have put distance between the Danvers that shouldn't be there. Even with each of them having romance in their lives, they should always have time for each other.

4. Create Interesting Villains That Aren't Aliens

Though Supergirl is an alien herself, seeing her fight aliens every week can be a bit repetitive. Some of the best episodes of Supergirl have occurred when Kara is pitted against a mere mortal who just happens to be incredibly devious like Maxwell Lord, Toyman, Lillian Luthor and Rick Malverne, the man who kidnapped Alex in an effort to get his father released from prison.

It's easier for Supergirl to use her abilities against other aliens, but when she's facing a human, it causes more of internal struggle as she has to determine how far can she go without crossing a line.

In essence, fans unhappy with Season 2 want Supergirl to return to its roots, and every now and then, a show needs to do so to not lose its focus. Let's hope the writers understand that we're only asking for changes because we want our beloved show to be around for a long time.

Do you think Supergirl needs to make some changes?


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