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DC has already begun experimenting with a different, darker, and more mature depiction of their heroes. Despite the lackluster critical response to their early films that include , , and their most successful film, , DC has separated itself from Marvel with the tone of their films. Co-runners of the , Geoff John and Jon Berg are looking to lighten things up starting with the :

Personally, it wasn’t the tone that “ruined” the experience. Should the DCEU decode to explore a lighter tone for future films the studio still has a “Dark Universe” that exists in that is perfectly suited for the dark, gritty, comic lovers. Starting with the highly anticipated . However, if the DCEU really wanted to take a ride on the dark side and kick things up a notch, is an animation they should explore, adapting it into a live-action movie for their “Dark Universe.”

Justice League: Gods and Monsters takes us into another universe, away from the friendly farm boy Clark Kent (), the Amazonian princess Diana (), and the non-super powered, gadget-wearing Bruce Wayne (). Instead, it gives us a different look inside the lives of heroes who aren’t as appreciated by society as their colorful counterparts and who aren't afraid to kill. Adopting a movie like this would really give comic book cinema a different take on heroism. This film would explore feelings of the world’s reaction to super-powered beings in the moment of fear.

After being framed for the deaths of world-renowned scientist Ray Palmer, Victor Fries and Victor Stone, these heroes are being hunted down by armed forces while trying to clear their name. We could only hope the has the testicular fortitude to make this happen. Here’s how the cast could look.

Superman / Hernan Guerra — Edgar Ramirez

Ramirez is no stranger when it comes to action movies. He has star power oozing through his veins. In Wrath of the Titans he portrayed Ares, and in Point Break he played a big-time thief with a code of ethics named Bohdi. Those movies may not have been memorable, but he has shown range. The Cesar award-winning actor will be great to play a Latin Man of Steel. This is the son of Zod and he’s a killing machine. Imagine without the good guy, farm boy attitude. Now make him a hero who doesn’t take crap from anyone and isn't afraid to kill, then you have this Superman.

Wonder Woman / Bekka — Jessica Chastain

Chastain takes issue with the way Hollywood sexualizes women. Well, she’s a kick-ass actress who’d be perfect for the strong-willed, independent Bekka. This version of WW is the widow of Darkseid’s son, who came to Earth seeking a new life. Chastain has been on a role as of late, starring in two intergalactic movies — and so playing a hero from another universe should be easy as pie. The Zero Dark Thirty actress would make Bekka one to remember and it’ll be cool to see her play someone so physically and emotionally superior.

Batman / Kirk Langstrom — Ben Barnes

It was Barnes's passionate portrayal as the ageless, immortal, cursed, and tortured Dorian Gray that made him an easy pick for the role of Kirk. Along with his college roommate, Will Magnus, Kirk cured himself of cancer, but turned himself into a metahuman. As the vampire, Batsuit-wearing killer, Barnes wouldn’t exactly be a ladies man like Dorian Gray. Instead, he’d be a heavily scaled-back, dull, Gothic, emo scientist whose display of passion comes to fruition during a tragic time.

Alexander Luthor — Stanley Tucci

Tucci's monologue in was one to remember. His role in the franchise as the flamboyant Caesar Flickerman proved his versatility. Tucci would have been an excellent choice to play Lex, so this would be perfect for him. Lex in JL: Gods and Monsters has some of the same qualities as the original, except he’s an isolated paraplegic. Still a genius, he’s disappeared from the Earth and perceived to have much more insight into the world and its heroes.

Amanda Waller — Angela Bassett

This great actress played some prominent female roles, including Betty Shabazz, Tina Turner and Coretta Scott King. She's been in movies like Olympus Has Fallen and is an American Horror Story alumna (Coven, Freakshow, Hotel, and ). This Amanda Waller is the most powerful woman in the free world as President. The star has an engaging presence, and a powerful voice, which makes her a perfect fit for President Waller.

Steve Trevor — Alexander Skarsgard

The powerful Louisiana vampire Eric from and the new is ideally suited for the charismatic, battle-tested secret forces leader Steve Trevor. This version of Trevor has a more serious hardcore personality. Think of his character Commander Stone Hopper in Battleship, but a lot meaner and more badass. He and Wonder Woman still share some history, which is seen during their fight scene.

Lois Lane — Rebecca Hall

This version of Lois and Superman don’t exactly have the same history as they do on Earth-One, but the chemistry is still there. In fact, she’s the first person Superman invites back to the tower and shares his story. Hall is known for her roles in The Prestige, The Town, , and The BFG. Most recently Hall played in Christine (2016), the movie about the on-air reporter who committed suicide. Hall can be graceful, badass, and emotionally vulnerable, so this role is pretty cool for The Gift actress.

Dr. Will Magnus — Daniel Gillies

Spoiler Alert: Magnus is the main antagonist of the film; this guy is a bit of a narcissist. One year after helping Kirk cure himself of cancer (consequently turning him into Batman), he beat his wife to death. Why? According to Magnus, she preferred Kirk. Because of his transgressions, Will Magnus came to the conclusion that mankind was hopeless. His reasoning? He felt that since a man of his intellect and rationale could commit such a despicable act, all humans were just as bad. So, he decided to set up the Justice League in hopes to wipe out mankind and seek vengeance on his former friend.

This role is perfect for former Saving Hope's star Daniel Gillies. The Originals (Elijah) star has shown he's capable of playing more than just a smooth-as-silk vampire. Before appearing on , he's had some silver screen roles in as John Jameson and he's starred alongside Elisha Cuthbert in Captivity.

Tina / Platinum — Katee Sackhoff

Plantinum a scientist and wife to Magnus who happens to be a metal humanoid. Katee Sackhoff was part of DC once when she voiced Det. Sarah Essen in . The Longmire star has done quite a bit of voice work, most notably in the animated Star Wars franchise as Bo-Katan. For a really short time she played the kickass nemesis in Bionic Woman. Many fans might recognize her from her role in the critically acclaimed as Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.

Thaddeus Sivana — Hugo Weaving

alumnus now star would play the perfect mad scientist — Dr. Sivana. Hugo Weaving can be one intimidating dude, but he has the acting prowess that would unquestionably translate into Thaddeus Sivana.

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