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With the fourth trailer released for , I can honestly say that this is my most anticipated superhero movie not only of the year, but of all time (only second to ). What can I say? I'm a sucker for stupid comedy.

With this fourth trailer we also get a look at a little bit of the plot for this movie. It will feature the as the main antagonist, but its underlying story is actually one that is quite sweet and more heartfelt then I was prepared for in a movie like this.

In this film we will be seeing how Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman deal with the effects of living a lonely lifestyle. We obviously know of Bruce Wayne's troubled past, and it has been touched on in every film ever released. We have never gotten a story that actually centers around those struggles though.

My main issue with any Batman film is always that Bruce Wayne is far more normal than he should be. One thing that I enjoyed about Ben Affleck's Batman in was that he was obviously damaged — as you would expect anyone in his circumstances to be.

While the Batman in The LEGO Batman Movie will not be dark enough to show us the true trauma that Bruce Wayne would face after losing his parents and trust in humanity, the plot of the movie is going to be how Batman comes to accept his new family in Robin and Barbara Gordon.

The trailer starts by telling how Batman must live this elaborate lifestyle surrounded by his friends and family, only to show how lonely he truly is with the song "One" playing in the background. This is all followed by a great line from Ralph Fiennes's Alfred Pennyworth:

We get to see glimpses of the relationship that Bruce will have with Robin and Barbara as he struggles with the idea of having a family once again. While we have seen both Robin and Barbara in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, we never actually get a detailed story of how Bruce feels about adopting the family lifestyle that he has distanced himself from. He pretty much just accepted that this was his new life without any second thought on the matter.

While The LEGO Batman Movie will be full of ridiculous comedy, it will still show off the more damning effect of what has happened in Bruce's life. It looks like it will follow the same dynamic as the first LEGO movie — the story is going to be well thought out, with an entertaining villain and hilarious character development, and have a strong moral behind the main story.

This movie could become the best Bruce Wayne story that we have ever seen. When I watch any Batman movie like those in The Dark Knight Trilogy, I always find myself being more intrigued by the villains, because Bruce Wayne really doesn't get much character development in his own films. The LEGO Batman movie looks to change that.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see Bruce Wayne's story in The LEGO Batman Movie? Tell me what you think in the comments.


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