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So far, it seems as though the latest adaptation of The Mist has eschewed the giant, tentacled monsters of old, focusing instead on murderous creepy-crawlies and the spirits of those long since passed. However, during our interview with show runner Christian Torpe, we discovered that some familiar faces from Stephen King's books could also be lurking within the mist, including perhaps even the likes of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

For years, Stephen King has linked each of his books into one shared universe that's connected through The Dark Tower saga, but up until now, few adaptations have explored how this could work onscreen. However, now that a host of movies and TV shows based on King's novels are heading our way, some adaptations are beginning to play around with this notion, including Torpe's adaptation of The Mist.

How The Mist Could Explore The Shared Universe Of Stephen King

We recently saw the trailer for pay homage to both IT and The Shining, and now The Mist is delving into King's bibliography too, including references to these stories as well. With this in mind, we asked Torpe which iconic Stephen King characters he would like to incorporate into The Mist TV show and how this could happen.

"Well, as far as I know, this particular town that The Mist takes place in doesn't appear in other King works, but the mist itself would probably cover other areas as well, so you could play around with how characters in Castle Rock or Derry reacts to the mist, bring the premise to characters known from other stories, see what this horror would bring forth in them. That would be fun!"

While Torpe didn't name any specific characters who could cross over, he also revealed to us that "IT has always been my favorite," suggesting that Pennywise and the Losers Club could one day battle under the veil of the mist in Derry. However, some would argue that this may have already happened in Andres Muschietti's upcoming movie, if this latest poster is anything to go by.

IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]
IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]

It's fascinating to imagine how other characters from Stephen King's expansive back catalogue would cope if the mist rolled into Derry or Castle Rock. The alien invasion in Dreamcatcher and the rabid dog attack in Cujo were scary enough without the mist to contend with as well.

Will The Mist Ever Connect To Other Stephen King Adaptations?

The idea of seeing the mist roll into other Stephen King stories is an enticing one, but realistically, we're more likely to see Pennywise renounce meat and become a vegetarian. Torpe himself agrees, debating whether such connections are even possible, even though he himself loves the idea:

"I remember how much they struggled to get Buffy and Angel in the same scenes after Angel went to a different network — and that is two characters that originated from the same show. But hey, never say never - I'd totally be up for it!"

Christian raises a valid point here regarding legality. In the next year alone, Stephen King fans will continue to watch The Mist on Spike TV before turning over to Hulu for Castle Rock — and that's before we break down the different studios responsible for adapting the likes of , The Dark Tower and Gerald's Game. Easter Eggs are one thing, but directly connecting The Mist to other Stephen King adaptations represents a legal minefield that could end up being more trouble than it's worth.

Fortunately, himself reportedly "loved" Torpe's version of , so if there's anyone who could find a way to connect these various adaptations, it's the King of Horror himself. Keep tuning into The Mist on Spike TV each Thursday to see how other Stephen King stories could be woven into the show.

Which iconic Stephen King characters would you like to see appear on The Mist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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