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On the heels of the less than admirable attempt at bringing the world-changing Apocalypse to the big screen, may seemingly be heading for another reboot of their Universe. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence all have expiring contracts, as well as already having filmed his final appearance as . So it would seem natural that something new would need to occur to help explain away the departing stars of the First Class saga.

After the reboot and then the semi-reboot from Days of Future Past and now rumors of another, the next reboot needs to last for longer than a trilogy. The X-Men universe is too vast for Fox to simply redo what they've already done. They can eliminate the need for constant reboots if they would just focus on something different, such as...

Cable, Deadpool, And X-Force

Let me start off by saying, this would be BOLD. Ultimately, this would eliminate the X-Men as we know them for maybe 10 years. Fox's introduction of broke the mold of the typical superhero movies that have been flooding the market for the past eight years. They should run with this fresh take on the superhero genre and leave the typical X-Men team on the sidelines. The expected eventual introduction to can open the Deadpool-verse to a plot device already visited by Fox: time travel. This time, though, it would be traveling to the future, rather than the past. After introducing Cable, have him travel back to his future, perhaps have him even take Deadpool to help him. Have this future be a place where the X-Men are not in existence, or even better, have mysteriously disappeared. Either way, have Cable and an team of Domino, Forge, Colossus, Boom Boom, and Havok fighting mutant terrorist groups in the future. Then you can have the mystery of the X-Men be solved as they re-emerge to audience cheers.

Not only would this allow a break from the usual X-Men and Brotherhood, this would also open up a new world for mutants on the silver screen. Just imagine a trilogy that adapted Messiah Complex, Messiah War, and Second Coming (literally watering at the mouth). I think fans need time to WANT the X-Men again. If you have at least six years of Deadpool, Cable, X-Force, plus some mutant-based TV shows, I think the heart will grow fonder for the X-Men's return.

Small Scale '90s

So far, Xavier's band of merry X-Men have pranced around in sleek, black, and minimal. The next reboot would benefit from changing pace to something more colorful and fun, such as that of the classic '90s cartoon X-Men. Taking the series and simplifying it back to the core team of Cyclops, Jean, Rogue, Gambit, Storm, Beast, and Jubilee would bring a much-needed simplicity back to the ever-expanding names of mutant-kind. They can even take a page out of 's book and focus more on smaller, individual stories, rather than every movie being reminiscent of a finale. Have and Jean go on their own mission and give time to focus on their relationship. Actually get the movie squared away and take fans to the Bayou; this could also allow them to introduce a new Rogue. Sometimes, Fox, less is more.

X-Men: Evolution

Not everything has to be an all-out, world-changing war, as the 2000s X-Men animated series taught us. Putting world stakes on the back burner and focusing on a teenage crew of mutants would perhaps continue the direction that appeared to be heading. Follow the younger versions of Xavier's team as they navigate high school outside of the mansion, attempting to control their powers and blend in with society. This would allow for a focus on smaller, more local issues, such as rogue mutants using their powers selfishly or unable to control their powers. Cinematically, character development and deeper storylines would benefit from this shift. You don't need explosions and the threat of the world ending to have a superhero movie.

Focus On Social Issues

Continuing the idea of steering away from the blockbuster and further multiplying it by the power of the , Fox could also build on the social issues that X-Men was built on. Professor X and Magneto are based on Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, respectively, and the premise of the X-Men arose from the civil rights movement. So why not continue that tradition and display Charles Xavier and co. in a more political landscape, rather than always having the movie climax during powers and explosions. In a similar way that was portrayed in the form of a political thriller, X-Men can be portrayed in the form of a mutant-filled Selma. Have the movie focus on marches and parades and government meetings about mutant-kind, rather than use these only as settings for mutant battles.

Are you looking forward to Hugh Jackman's last turn as Wolverine in the upcoming Logan? Check out the trailer below:

How do you feel Fox could best use their X-Men property? Leave your comments below.


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