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This Is Us is back for Season 2, which means we need to restock our tissue supply. Only one episode in, and we've already got a major revelation regarding our most burning question from Season 1: How does Jack die?

Note: heavy spoilers follow for theThis Is Us Season 2 premiere, “A Father’s Advice."

The details came in the final minutes of the super emotional episode after Rebecca () vowed to help Jack () through his alcoholic struggles together as a family. The scene switched to a visibly distraught Rebecca driving alone in the car wearing her Steelers shirt with nothing but a bag of Jack's belongings in the passenger seat. We also get a look at a teenage Kate and Randall being consoled by Miguel after hearing about their father's death.

In one of the most gut-wrenching scenes to date (and there have been many), Rebecca pulls up to the Pearson home, which has burned to the ground in a massive fire. When she looks up at the still-active scene, she breaks down with an emotional cry, one that pulls at all of our heartstrings.

Series creator Dan Fogelman provided some details regarding the scene, which was surprisingly just filmed about a week ago to prevent spoilers from leaking. Fogelman joined the cast and spoke to PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly about the preventive measures taken to film the key scene:

“We built a replica of the house five hours away, we had code names for everything. Mandy came to set and they put her in the car and what you see is literally her first take. After all that planning, it was like 30 seconds and then we were done.”

It is pretty impressive for a network family drama take Star Wars-level precautions to prevent spoilers for their fans, but it makes sense considering the leaks that plagued Game of Thrones last season.

This Is Us is being patient when it comes to the details regarding Jack's death. Instead of piling on a heap of revelations, this short scene was just a jumping-off point for Season 2's mystery. Moore also hinted to fans that they should keep their eyes peeled for further clues:

“There were some clues I don’t know if people picked up on — Kate was holding a dog, Randall’s got a girlfriend, and Kevin has a broken leg. These are all things that I think people are going to see sort of the origin of in the next couple of episodes, leading up to figuring out a bigger piece of the puzzle.”

We may know that Jack dies when the Big Three are teenagers, but we don't know much about the actual event surrounding his death. It is easy to assume that he perished in the fire, but it wouldn't be a surprise for the series to throw fans a curveball. They've kept us on our toes before; no reason to expect easy explanations this time around. Just keep those tissues nearby...

This Is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC!

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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