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Ten years and 18 movies after Tony Stark first donned the Iron Man suit, the MCU will finally reach its long-awaited climax in Avengers: Infinity War. To say that the entirety of 's grand plan has built up to this point would be an understatement, and naturally fans are ready to pick through all the upcoming movies for the tiniest hint about . And that's exactly what Marvel HQ want.

With Thor and Hulk blasting off into space, Thor: Ragnarok will likely plant plenty of clues about Infinity War. Marvel chief Kevin Feige has alluded to Ragnarok's significance on several occasions, and most recently he had this to say about Thor's third adventure:

"Things change drastically in 'Ragnarok' and then build directly into 'Infinity War'."

So what exactly changes drastically in , and how does this affect the fourth movie? Thanks to the Infinity War teaser trailer, we finally have an idea of how all this will play out.

Thor Is Lost In Space

At Disney's D23 convention this weekend, the first teaser trailer for Infinity War was unveiled.

Although this trailer hasn't been released online, publications that were present at D23 have provided plenty of breakdowns, and some important facts have become clear. According to reports, the trailer starts with the Guardians of the Galaxy flying the Milano. They discover Thor floating in space, unconscious, and without a space suit. After Mantis wakes him up, Thor asks "who the hell are you guys?"

This little scene has huge implications for Ragnarok. It would seem that Thor's mission to save Asgard from Hela goes horribly wrong, and he even becomes separated from his good work buddy Hulk, after they battle in the Gamemaster's arena.

The destruction of Asgard isn't just heralded by the film's apocalyptic title — Ragnarok is the end of days in Norse mythology — but has also been hinted at in previous movies. The most notable was Age Of Ultron, in which Thor witnessed the downfall of his home in several prophetic visions. Needless to say, we're all expecting Ragnarok to end badly, but Thor floating alone and almost dead n the vacuum of space is a drastic outcome none of us anticipated.

Of course, Thor's spacewalk could be the result of events within Infinity War. After all, we have no way of knowing at what point in the movie this sequence takes place. But there is another clue about how Ragnarok will lead into Infinity War...

Loki Was Secretly Working For Thanos All Along

Oh, Loki. The MCU's resident villainous heartthrob has gone through some bad times in the last ten years or so. After discovering he was secretly a Frost Giant, Loki went from brooding bad boy to full blown bad guy, plotting to take over Asgard and trying to kill his own brother. Turning his gaze to Earth in The Avengers, Loki fell in with Thanos, orchestrating the Chitauri's short-lived invasion.

Thor: The Dark World saw Loki imprisoned and back to his trickster ways. Apparently reformed, Loki helped Thor and Jane Foster save Earth from Malekith, and sacrificed himself to save Jane — but in the end we discovered that Loki, in the guise of Odin, was ruling Asgard while Thor was busy being a superhero.

And that's the story so far. In Ragnarok, it seems that Loki is working with Thor as they share scenes in NYC, and we later see him going head to head with Hela, apparently defending Asgard from her attack.

Loki has always been difficult to label as a villain, with his shifting loyalties and somewhat sympathetic backstory. But Infinity War seems set to put this debate to rest once and for all, as Loki turns his back on his brother (again) and teams up with Thanos (again).

The D23 trailer showed Loki handing the Tesseract to Thanos, thus completing his mission from The Avengers. This would imply that all this time, Loki was secretly working for Thanos — it could be that even Loki's rule of Asgard was part of Thanos's grand plan.

So how will Ragnarok put all these pieces in play? It's likely that we'll get subtle hints that Loki is working with Thanos, even as he pretends to help his brother. We'll probably also see how Loki gets a hold of the Tesseract, which is currently being held in the Asgardian palace vault. Ultimately, it seems that Loki will betray his brother after they've dealt with Hela, marooning Thor in space as he steals the Tesseract and sets off for Thanos.

There's one more thing the Infinity War trailer hinted at for Ragnarok. While flying about with the Guardians, Thor and the gang stop off at a planet that has been devastated in a huge battle. While this may not be Asgard, the implication is clear: If Hela doesn't destroy Asgard, then Thanos will.

Tell us in the comments: How do you think Ragnarok will lead into Infinity War?

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