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The Xenomorph is one of the most instantly recognizable horror characters from cinematic history. I am sure that many of us, as children, recoiled in fear at the gruesome scenes that began with Ash having a really bad dinner. I can recall panicking as a 7-year-old, looking around the walls and ceilings for potential threats while heading to the toilet during a break in .

You can now make your own exclusive Lego minifigure scale Xenomorph as designed by Brick Team Customs. Each curve of the Alien's fantastic curvature as conceptualized by H.R. Giger has been faithfully duplicated in perhaps the most realistic minifigure scale replica of the character.

Obviously, such a design is a treat, so where's the trick? There are none, just another treat as the instructions to build your very own Lego Xenomorph are absolutely free. Yes, that's right, and the parts can be acquired reasonably cheaply from sites such as Bricklink, using the handily provided part numbers. So why stop at one? Heck, you could create an entire alien horde to terrorize your minifigure collection — go on, you know you want to!

What Is Brick Team Customs?

The whole thing started as a hobby for one educational manager, who used the construction and collection of customs to relax after each hard day's work.

Eventually, a huge range of figures had began to build up, and wanting to share what he had created, he decided to produce a series of showcases. Each Brick Team Customs video spotlights a different theme, with high quality rotational views, and imaginative scenes to highlight each character. Check out some of the creations below:

'Woah, Did I Just Break The Fourth Wall?!'

'I Have The Pow-EERRRR!!'

'Hey, I Heard Robbie Reyes Is Stealing Our Thunder!' 'Yeah, I Totally Wanted To Be On Agents Of Shield, So Not Fair!'

'They'll Come For Him.' 'Let Them Try.'

'Hail Hydra'

'Wade Wilson, I Am Not A Creepy, Bald Heaven's Gate-Looking So And So!'

'I Hope They Don't make Too Many Xenos — They Move Quicker Than Boxes!'

Characters that can be seen include a defenders team, with a favorite of mine being a rather maniacal-looking Purple Man. Another video showcases a nostalgia-inspiring retro cartoon selection, including my absolute favorites: a custom He-man minifigure, and a custom Lion-O, complete with sword of omens and glove.

Brick Team Customs releases new content every week, with an Iron Monger idea submission contest coming up, as well as a series of classic X-men customs. To stay up to date with their latest creations, subscribe to the Brick Team on YouTube!

Tell us who your favorite figures are in the comments section below, and what characters you would like to see receive the custom treatment next?


Which characters would you like to see next?


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