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We've all been there, a costume party that you could have sworn was at least a week away suddenly pops up on your Facebook events and you are totally stuck for something to wear. If you also happen to be female and have totally exhausted the old hole in the sheet ghost costume, this simple Power Girl costume guide could just make you the Belle of the ball.

Although the iconic white and busty costume might look complex, in reality it can be pretty easy to construct a bad ass representation of Power Girl on the cheap and here are a few ways you can make it.

How To Make The Power Girl Base

Unfortunately, you won't be able to spin a Power Girl costume out of thin air and you are going to have to get your mits on a high-necked white leotard to really make this look work. Luckily, these lil numbers should be quite easy to find thanks to the trend for "bodies" at the moment and outlets such as American Apparel or H&M should be able to sort you out for relatively cheap. If you have no luck here, a dance outlet should definitely have something to offer.

Sewing The Chest Cut Out

Of course, the most distinctive thing about Power Girls costume is the hole over her chest-area so you are going to have to get creative to snip out your own. Unfortunately, just hacking at the chest area with a pair of scissors isn't going to give you that polished Power Girl look, so you are also going to need to get yourself a needle-and-thread or a sewing machine, depending on your seamstress equipment level.

I will go through the easiest way to get a pretty solid circle in the bullet point list below:

  • First you need to draw a circle over the chest area with either chalk or a soft pencil so you can erase any mistake. Remember, smaller is better than bigger. You can always take away more fabric, but you can't add it.
  • For a hemline that Power Girl would be proud of, make your costume look neat by sewing a around the edges of the circle just outside the line you have drawn. Be careful not to sew the front of the costume to the back while you do this to avoid hours of depressing unpicking.
  • Once the circle has been sewn, snip carefully around the inside of the stitches with a pair of fabric scissors or a craft knife leaving around a cm of fabric. Again, make sure you do not damage the back of your costume by using a cutting board or being especially carefully with the scissors.
  • The final step involves turning your Power Girl costume inside out and folding in the excess fabric to sew it neatly once more.
  • You should end up making something that looks as fabulous as the cut out in the gorgeous costume below. As you can see there is some margin for error while still making a fabulous cosplay look.
Power Girl Costume: Cosplayer Unknown
Power Girl Costume: Cosplayer Unknown

How To Make The Power Girl Belt

Without the Power Girl belt, you'll just look like a very "directional" dance student and this is probably the most important thing that you need to pull your look together. If you need a closer look, the all-important waist accessory looks something like this.

Power Girl's belt is essential for a good costume
Power Girl's belt is essential for a good costume

Obviously there are multiple creative ways to whip this bad boy together and below are a few suggestions using materials you should be able to get your hands on in your local hood.

Making The Strap

There are loads of materials you could use to make the belt strap including:

  • Electrical tape or bondage tape - whether you have a hardware or hardcore bondage shop near you, one of these bad boys is the easiest solution to a glossy Power Girl belt
  • Ribbon - If you have leftover from your Christmas wrapping this year, a wide, shiny ribbon would make a passable Power Girl belt
  • An old red t-shirt - If you have a red t-shirt that has seen better days, simply hack the bottom off and hem the top with red thread. The elastic in the bottom of the t-shirt should make sure it stays up all on it's own!
  • A red belt - I don't meant to state the obvious, but if you have a red belt knocking around, simply incorporate that into your Power Girl costume. It doesn't matter what the buckle looks like, you will cover it up later.

Making The Buckle

Power Girl's buckle has changed look slightly through the years, but the most familiar option involves a circular golden belt buckle as you've seen like in the image above. You could make this from:

  • Gold spray paint - whichever item you choose the make the buckle from, it has to be gold!
  • A large coffee container lid - It's worth your coffee going stale to work the costume party as Power Girl, right?
  • Thick cardboard - cut a circle out of one of those moving boxes that have been laying around and spray paint it gold. Hey presto!

The Perfect Power Girl Cape

Power Girl Costume by Yaya Han
Power Girl Costume by Yaya Han

Thankfully you don't get many clothing items easier to bodge together than a cape and your local fabric store should be able to sort you out with a large piece of shimmery red fabric for cheap.

If you are stuck with the local supermarket, peruse the aisles selling homeware and look out for some crimson curtains or a fetching scarlet table cloth to attach to your costume.

Technically the cape should be attached with a golden chord, but if you don't manage to find any gold fabric to braid, you can always sew it to the back of your Power Girl costume. You could also make it work by artfully draping it over your shoulders.

How To Make Power Girl Gloves

Power Girl gloves - Cosplayer unknown
Power Girl gloves - Cosplayer unknown

Obviously making gloves from scratch is a tricky endeavor so you are gonna need a base here...needless to say, this will take the form of another pair of gloves ripe for customisation.

  • Blue spray paint - This will be the base of any Power Girl glove custiomization. if ain't blue, it won't do
  • Rubber gloves - Maybe not the best option, but if you happen to have some blue rubber gloves hanging around they are better than nothing, right?
  • Leather gloves - obviously spray paint won't stick on fabric in the most appealing way so it's gonna have to be leather
  • Body paint - If you can't find anything to paint up Power Girl style, you can always body paint your hands but it's gonna be an awkward night of not touching anything or anyone...

What If I'm Not A Blond?

Power Girl cosplay by Miss M_Jay
Power Girl cosplay by Miss M_Jay

Obviously you won't be as recognizable as Power Girl if you don't grab yourself either a blond bob or short wig, but there is no reason why you can't be a bangin' brunette, red head or raven haired DC superstar.

Want To Learn More About Power Girl?

If checking out all of these awesome costume ideas has got you itching to learn more about Power Girl, check out some of the articles below about the DC icon.

Would you ever dress up as Power Girl?


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