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Another Transformers movie is out with Michael Bay at the helm, and yet again, critics are calling it one of the worst movies of the year. Except this time, it's projected to open to lower box office figures than any previous film in the franchise.

Blame the nonsensical plot, total disregard for the source material, horrible writing and action scenes that go on for way too long. With The Last Knight looking like a disaster, you'd think this is the "age of extinction" for the series, right?

Well, Transformers movies do usually make enough money to warrant another sequel — thanks to international box office — so fans can probably look forward to groaning when Paramount Pictures announces Transformers 6. But there might be some hope for this franchise yet.

The Last Knight is Michael Bay's final outing for these movies, leaving the franchise open for someone else to take over. Perhaps there is a chance that, under new directors, we might actually get a truly good movie? How, you may ask? I've got a few ideas:

1. Get Away From Earth

We've seen the Autobots fight for Earth over and over, and it's definitely time we step away from this tiny planet and explore the possibilities of finding Cybertronians on other worlds — because all five movies have devolved into the exact same plot: Decepticons are attacking, and it's up to humans to find an ancient Cybertronian artifact to stop them.

Take inspiration from films like Star Trek or Guardians of the Galaxy — or the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. By boldly going into deep space, we could have a really fresh setting for this franchise.

2. Fewer Humans, More Transformers

This naturally goes along with "get away from Earth." To this day, the biggest problem audiences have with the Transformers franchise is putting all the focus on uninteresting humans while the much more interesting giant robots are just background characters.

Please make the Transformers the main characters of the movies named after them, because we do not care about Mark Wahlberg's Cade Jaeger — we want Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots with their own character journeys and development. Even the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films knew to make the sequel about the turtles!

3. Story First, Action Second

The first film had a cohesive plot along with the cool action scenes. Every sequel that followed has had less and less of a story that makes any lick of sense; the dialogue is basically just filler between the action scenes.

When you don't care about anything that's happening in the film, the action just feels like junk food for the eyes. Within the Transformers mythos, there is so much potential for a truly epic story — but Paramount just keeps rehashing the same dwindling plot.

4. A Soft Reboot With Time Travel

Yeah I know, it has already been done with franchises like Star Trek and X-Men when they ran out of steam — but as shown with those two, it works. With so many idiotic plot twists and so many fan-favorite Autobots killed off, Paramount could fix this by having Optimus or Bumblebee travel back in time and reset everything, perhaps by warning their younger selves just before the war began on Cybertron. TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!

Do you think any of these ideas could save the franchise or should Paramount just scrap i? Let us know in the comments below!


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