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Fans of DreamWorks' franchise How To Train Your Dragon were dealt a blow this week with the news that the third (and likely final) film in the series has been delayed yet again. First expected in June 2016, How To Train Your Dragon 3 was pushed to 2017, and later into 2018 after DreamWorks underwent major corporate restructuring. Now the film has been shifted — hopefully for the final time — to a release date of March 1, 2019.

With the recent quiet cancellation of The Croods sequel, some fans feared that the constant delays mean How To Train Your Dragon 3 may be headed for cancellation as well. However, the delay may not be entirely a bad thing, and, it is very unlikely that the film will be cancelled.

'How To Train Your Dragon' Is Basically DreamWorks' Flagship Franchise

Look back not so long ago and DreamWorks seemed heir apparent to the crown of greatest film animation against a struggling . But following hits like Frozen, Big Hero 6, and the recently released Moana, Disney is clearly back on top. With these Disney hits come mascot characters like Elsa, Olaf, and Baymax.

While not necessarily struggling, DreamWorks is no longer the powerhouse it was at the time the movies were being released. While a fifth Shrek is currently in development, it won't arrive until 2019 at the earliest.

'How To Train Your Dragon' [Credit: DreamWorks]
'How To Train Your Dragon' [Credit: DreamWorks]

The first two Dragon films were the studio's biggest hits in recent years, and while a third film is also not arriving until 2019, the film's characters are still present in other media, with a fourth season of animated series Dragons: Race To The Edge set to arrive on Netflix in 2017. All this shows that the Dragons franchise is still important to DreamWorks, and the delays on the third film do not mean it is being shuffled toward cancellation. The reason is likely much more positive.

They Want To Make The Best Film Possible

DreamWorks has undergone a massive upheaval recently, with a great many animators fired during the corporate restructuring, resulting in a choice to only release one film a year.

Had How To Train Your Dragon 3 kept either of its original release dates, the film would have suffered for it, with everyone rushing to get it out in time. This is too important a film for that to happen, especially if it is, in fact, the last in the series. The Dragons franchise is beloved by many, and with the 2019 release date, the team behind the film will be able to take their time and give this great series the ending it deserves.


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