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When you think of sibling directors and , you don't normally think of blockbuster movies. In fact, you don't normally think of movies at all, but television: The pair cut their teeth on Arrested Development and Community (and for that, we thank them), but up to this point, movies hadn't really been their thing. So how did two brothers known for directing Emmy Award-winning television sitcoms land the role of co-directing one of the most anticipated blockbuster sequels of the next few years with Captain America: The Winter Soldier? As it turns out, great things happen when Marvel head is a fan of your work, as Joe discussed in a recent interview with The Plain Dealer:

We were working on the third season of 'Community', and we got a call from our agent saying [Marvel President] Kevin Feige was a big fan of the show and wanted to know if we would come into meet to talk about the next 'Captain America' movie. I think Kevin had seen the paint ball episode we did on 'Community' and thought, these guys should be directing action movies.

Anthony expanded upon how excited they were to be working with Marvel on one of their iconic franchise sequels:

The one thing Marvel does is think outside the box, going all the way back to Ang Lee with that first 'Hulk', and the same thing with Jon Favreau ['Iron Man'] and Kenneth Branagh ['Thor']. They like to go outside the genre. It's a very smart thing that they do and it's a way to keep it fresh with audiences. It's not easy to do something like that. Only someone like Kevin Feige can pull it off. You need to know how to manage something like that.

But the brothers acknowledged their landing the job didn't happen overnight, or without a fight. Because of Marvel's success, they have the luxury of being able to pick and choose their directors as they please. And with Captain America: The Winter Soldier being described as a political thriller masquerading as a comic book movie, it seemed like the best choice might not have been a duo used to doing television comedy, but one of their competitors: (The Adjustment Bureau) or (The Italian Job, Law Abiding Citizen). But as Anthony said, sometimes being the one to want something more is enough:

But we fell in love with the script and we really wanted to do this film so we went after it hard and ended up getting it.

It makes sense. Marvel has shown its willingness, as Anthony mentioned up above, to go outside its comfort zone. It often chooses directors not just for their pedigrees, but their passion for the subject matter and their love of the Marvel universe and the scripts.

We won't get to see the fruits of their labors until April 4th of 2014 when Captain America: The Winter Soldier spin-kicks its way into theaters, but I'm fairly pumped it's these two behind the camera. They'll bring an interesting perspective to the script that we might not otherwise get with an established, big studio director.



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