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Warning: This article contains massive spoilers from the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

may have created a lot of controversy back in Season 6 when the show concluded without revealing which member of the gang fell victim to Negan's wrath but that is all of that is in the past now. Tonight, we finally found out the identity of the person that was fatally attacked by Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villainous character and his equally as villainous baseball bat, Lucille.

Check out a sneak peek for Season 7:

There were several options and for a moment we weren't sure which one it would be, but ultimately it was both Glenn and Abraham who succumbed to the baseball bat. Although Abraham will be a big loss to the show, I found myself more upset at the loss of Glenn who had been a mainstay of the show since the second ever episode.

His death marks the first time that we've lost an incredibly key character since Hershel's death back in the fourth season. Glenn was not only a pivotal character but he was a pivotal member of the group — he often went searching for supplies and provided a center that they needed. His loss will be huge for the remaining survivors — how will they cope without him?

Rick's Original Sidekick

Glenn and Rick have been buddies since the first season of the hit post-apocalyptic show. Let's face it — if it weren't for Glenn, Rick wouldn't have made it this far. The former pizza delivery guy not only helped form the group that we've come to know and love but he also saved them on numerous occasions. Although Daryl has almost filled in the position in later seasons, Glenn was Rick's original sidekick and together they would often go on side missions, collecting supplies and scouting possible new living locations.

His untimely death will no doubt have a massive effect on Rick who, as we know, isn't that great at coping with loss. We saw how broken Rick was in the latest episode and that will no doubt continue to be seen throughout Season 7. Moreover, Daryl's kidnapping means that Rick has none of his sidekicks by his side in the war against Negan. Even if Rick eventually finds an opportunity to strike and take Negan down, he will never be the same after losing Glenn — the guy is not just his group member or friend, but his blood brother.

What Effect Will This Have On Maggie?

Maggie and Glenn were always there for each other. (via AMC)
Maggie and Glenn were always there for each other. (via AMC)

Watching the brutal murder of Glenn was a lot harder than I thought it would be, specifically because Maggie was by his side. Although it had been alluded to several times before, watching his death was something else. It brought back memories from the earlier seasons when they first got together on Hershel's farm. The two have had an amazing ride and, even though they were separated on many occasions over the course of the show, they always found each other. As Glenn lay dying, he promised Maggie he would find her — to hear this one last time was nothing short of heart breaking.

Maggie is no stranger to loss either, having lost so much in such a short space of time. Her father, Hershel, died at the hands of the vicious Governor and then her sister, Beth, was shot moments before the pair reunited. The pregnancy was Maggie and Glenn's chance at a fresh start but it was clearly not meant to be. If the baby survives through all of this trauma, then perhaps Maggie can find peace in the fact that she is raising Glenn's son or daughter — the baby will hopefully mark a new chapter for the character and perhaps even a new chapter for mankind in general.

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Will The Walking Dead Suffer Without Glenn?

It's going to be hard saying goodbye to Glenn. (via AMC)
It's going to be hard saying goodbye to Glenn. (via AMC)

It's a tough question, one that can only really be answered by looking at the context in which the incident happened in. For example, the death of a major character is bound to affect any television series but if it was a death that was incredibly important to the storyline — like it seemingly was with Glenn — then I'd say The Walking Dead will be just fine without him. For the moment, at least.

That's not to say that we won't miss him, though, because we will. What I mean is that The Walking Dead will now focus heavily on the rise of Negan, so the show will have a completely different dynamic. We won't be able to properly examine the show in Glenn's absence because it won't be the same show that it was before. Perhaps in future seasons when Negan is no longer around — if the members of Rick's group are still alive by then — then we can decide if The Walking Dead had suffered because of Glenn's absence but for now it won't — there's just too much going on.

We'll miss you buddy. (via AMC)
We'll miss you buddy. (via AMC)

Glenn was a survivor and easily one of the most fearless members of the group. It's also honorable that he managed to avoid death on numerous occasions — but unfortunately the Season 7 premiere was not one of them. Throughout his time on the show he suffered incredible loss and heartbreak but there was equally as much joy. His years with Maggie are unforgettable and the pair definitely rank among the greatest television couples in history. We can't say if the show will be worse off for Glenn's absence, but we as loyal viewers most certainly will be. Farewell Glenn, we'll miss you buddy.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. How do you feel about Glenn's demise? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. Or if you just need to cry, feel free to do that too.


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