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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

has had a different villain every season, as do most of the DC shows, but this season, the mother ship of the brought in an enemy that is proving impossible to best. And, in spite of our hatred of the smug Adrian Chase and his alter-ego, , we almost don't want to see him go.

In his latest escapade, Adrian Chase managed to overpower two federal agents and flee from witness protection once his identity had been compromised. The final scene in "Disbanded" shows Chase driving away with blood spattered all over him. And he's whistling as though he doesn't have a care in the world:

is having a difficult time winning against this monster, and even though the Bratva was interrupted before they could assassinate him, I still wonder if they could have actually completed the task. Adrian Chase seems to have a sixth sense when he's in trouble, and somehow he manages to come out on top in spite of the odds.

In an interview with IGN, Arrow star indicated that he doesn't see Adrian Chase as the most lethal threat (Deathstroke takes that award), but Prometheus is definitely the most cerebral:

"If Deathstroke was like Bane then Prometheus is like the Joker."

And , the actor portraying Prometheus, agrees with Amell's assessment of his character:

"I think the game that’s going on is what drives Chase. ... It’s making sure that Oliver sees the world around him crumble. The name Prometheus says who this guy is … he stole the powers from the gods. That’s something that Chase is doing. He’s trying to show Oliver that he can control, and take what Oliver thinks is his."

And while this may be a game to Prometheus, it's life and death for Team Arrow — but they can't get ahead of him ... at least not yet. There's hope that Felicity's involvement with will lead to Adrian Chase's downfall, and, if so, Segarra thinks Chase himself would accept that outcome, telling EW:

"He’s playing this game, and he has the checkmate in his brain, and he knows how he’s going to get there, and we get to watch if this man gets there. So, is it a death wish? No way. But if he were to die, I think he’s okay with that, because this is the fire, this is what he’s been planning for years, this is the endgame..."

In Chase's mind, he is smarter and cleverer than will ever be — which is why it makes sense that an intellectual like Felicity would have to be a part of taking him down, regardless of whether it ends in the death of this Season 5 villain. If one thing has been proven, brute force isn't going to win the battle against Prometheus.

How do you think Prometheus is going to be brought down?

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