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DC can't stop resurrecting the dead. Wonder Woman may still be making major bank in theaters, but Warner Bros. are moving fast with Patty Jenkins's sequel — and if a new, supposedly-legit inside report is to be believed, a major face who didn't survive the first movie will be back from the dead for Diana's next adventure.

If you really don't want any potential spoilers for a movie that's still several years away (or if you've spent the last five weeks in the cave you fled to post-Batman v Superman and still haven't seen Wonder Woman), click the little X up there now. Otherwise, let's talk Wonder Woman 2.

According to ScreenRant, the sequel (all but confirmed to be directed again by the wonderful Patty Jenkins) will once again utilize a historical time setting, specifically the '80s and the Cold War waged between the world's two great superpowers at that time — the Soviets and the United States. But, potentially even more interesting than that detail is the claim that Steve Trevor, played with such charm by Chris Pine that his death really hit audiences square in the feels, will return, somehow, in the sequel.

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

OK, so it's not as if there's zero precedent for resurrection in the , but Superman is no mortal, and presumably the Regeneration Matrix from the pages of DC Comics will factor into his phoenix-like rise from the ashes in Justice League. Steve Trevor, on the other hand, is very much human — so how can Jenkins possibly bring him back from the airborne death-by-bomb he suffered in ?

The most obvious (if not exactly the most original) solution would be to revive Steve as some kind of super-soldier, that kind of pseudo-science clearly already existing in the DCEU (see both Dr. Poison's experiments and Lex's creation of Doomsday). That would explain how he could return 70 years after the events of the first film without having aged, and it could also pull at the heartstrings by positioning Steve (or a version of him) as the force of evil Diana must face. The obvious problem with this workaround, however, are the strong parallels that would inevitably draw with Bucky Barnes — Marvel's own super-soldier — and how he was reborn as a HYDRA weapon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Alternatively, the sequel could try to sell us on the possibility that Steve actually survived the bomb, got stitched back together, and will return as a (very) old man in the '80s — but then why would he not have contacted Diana in the intervening years?

That seems wildly implausible, so perhaps a better option would be for Steve's corpse to be exhumed and taken to a Lazarus Pit — DC's go-to plot device any time somebody needs bringing back from death or the brink of it. The problem with that is that it's cheap. Steve has been dead too long, and there's sub-zero chance Diana would ever selfishly attempt to bring him back to life — and who else would need him alive that badly?

Perhaps an overlooked detail hidden in plain sight in Wonder Woman could hold the answer. Right after his interrogation at the hand of Hippolyta, Diana finds Steve recuperating in a hot spring. It's not the biggest stretch to imagine that this could be the DCEU's interpretation of the Fountain of Youth, which in Earth-Two continuity lived on Paradise Island, also known as — yup — Themyscira. The fountain is known for restoring youth, and if Steve bathed in that could perhaps explain how he could reach the 1980s without ageing. Obviously it doesn't explain how he survived the bomb, though.

Considering how well Patty Jenkins succeeded in grounding Wonder Woman in emotional truth, even when the plot was operating closer to the realm of mythology or science fiction, none of the above methods of resurrection would really be particularly satisfying or true to the tone established by the first film. I'd like to believe DC could find a way to play on the sizzling chemistry shared by Diana and Steve once more but, truthfully, it seems far likelier that this "insider" report isn't entirely legit. Still, with Diana's second cinematic chapter at least two years away (and that's if DC put the sequel on fast-track), it'll be a good while before we find out one way or the other.

Do you believe Steve Trevor will be revived for Wonder Woman's next solo outing, and how could Patty Jenkins pull it off if so?

(Source: ScreenRant)


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