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's Legends of Tomorrow has seen its cast of characters bounce through a myriad of timelines over its two seasons — but the timeline the heroes are about to embark on will bring them to a galaxy far, far away. Kind of.

During an episode of the action-adventure series coming later this season, a young George Lucas will be one of those in need of help, which will prove significant for two of the Legends characters — Ray Palmer, who became an engineer because of his love for , and Nate Heywood, who became a historian thanks to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Reportedly, the episode will focus on dropping out of film school and consequently not writing either of the two blockbuster movies. As might be expected, this will have a serious knock-on effect, but given that the Legends have already discovered that Rip Hunter is working as a film director in '60s Hollywood, you can bet there are going to be more than a few aberrations in the timeline that they must deal with.

But the question remains: How is DC and going to slot the young George Lucas into the show's plot?

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The CGI Question

has seen tremendous innovation as far as shows like Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl go, never mind films like Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Indeed, it would be difficult to imagine exhilarating battles taking place between enemy spaceships and spectacular superheroes without the use of CGI.

However, when it comes to applying computer imagery to people, there are a number of concerns. Look at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Much has been made about the special effects used to resurrect Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin.

Of course, there are some great examples of CGI being used on people in a subtle yet effective way — Forrest Gump being one such example.

While CGI continues to improve, this may not be the best option for inserting a young George Lucas into . And it's unlikely that the man himself will participate in the show, so what's the best option?

Looky Here. We Have A Look-Alike!

According to IMDb, 26-year-old actor Matt Angel will be playing the role of a young Lucas, although Angel does not seem to look much like the filmmaker.

Angel has acted on CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, in addition to appearances on Grimm and Major Crimes. Certainly, fans of the Star Wars filmmaker and his body of work will be looking closely to see if Angel has captured the expression, features and quiet demeanor we've come to associate with Lucas over the years.

Legends of Tomorrow's makeup department might simply throw a pair of glasses on Angel to make him look just enough like a young Lucas that the audience's imagination can fill in any perceived gaps. It will be Lucas's personal quirks that will likely garner the most fan scrutiny. However, if Angel is portraying a Lucas who has quit film school, it's quite possible we'll be presented with a whole different persona, one who is struggling with questions about what to do with his life.

There are a myriad of questions about how Legends of Tomorrow will handle the insertion of such an iconic figure of cinematic history into its timeline, but as many viewers have already come to expect from the show, what you often get is what you least expect.

The CW's Legends of Tomorrow will return with Season 2, Episode 9's "Raiders of the Lost Art" on January 24, 2017. Check out the sneak peek below and tell us in the comments how you think production will handle the inclusion of a George Lucas character.


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