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At last, we have the final running time for the -starring Man of Steel confirmed, via Comic Book Movie. In what looks like a clever bid to make all us Superman fans happy, 's bound-to-be blockbuster is being listed as 143 minutes, or 2 hours and 23 minutes!

That sounds like a perfect run time to me - just enough to explain everything in the movie without going overboard, like Titanic. It's certainly not the longest where superhero adaptations are concerned, but it's still probably sensible to get yourselves a comfy seat and an extra large helping of popcorn...

The Man of Steel running time has got Moviepilot tongues a-wagging, and so we've decided to review our top 5 lengthy superhero movies, with added reviews from Rotten Tomatoes to provide the details. How do you think Man of Steel reviews will compare? Check them out, and tell us your favorite in the comments below!

Hulk, 2003

This 138-minutes of green brawn proved that the Hulk was no failure; more a highbrow curiosity in the company of zappy movie superheroes of it's time.

The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

No-contest-Nolan brought the curtain down on his incredible Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises. 165-minutes full of pain and toil and awesome climax.

Superman Returns, 2006

Superman Returns battled with gravity for the full 154-minutes, and won with the critics. breathed life into the classic superhero story and made it fly again, but diehard fans were less impressed.

Watchmen, 2009

The 162-minute story of disgraced superheroes was dizzy, crazy and sexy - with just the right amount of dark wit and vivid characters for good measure. Still, fans of the original graphic novel were saddened by their favorite character's lack of depth on screen.

Adventures of Captain Marvel, 1941

Weighing in at a whopping 216-minutes of movie serial, Adventures of Captain Marvel was unquestionably one of the best movie serials ever made, with the exception of the Flash Gordon epics.

Judging from the various superhero movie successes from our top 5 review, how do you think Man of Steel's reviews will compare to these lengthy superhero movies?



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