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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

The seventh season of The Walking Dead has continued to entertain fans around the world and with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villanous Negan taking control of our survivors and their belongings, it's certainly the most terrifying season yet. Negan has murdered both fan favorite characters Glenn and Abraham in a gruesome fashion, taking control of Alexandria and humiliated Carl — all great leadership actions in a post apocalyptic world, right?

The latest episode saw the action return to the Saviors' santcatury, picking up the story of Negan, who we haven't seen since the mid-season finale. He might have lost Daryl, but he has now taken Eugene hostage — something that proved to be both an entertaining and scary experience for viewers of the show.

Eugene was introduced to the world of the Saviors and Negan discovered that Eugene is incredibly smart — something that he intends to use to his advantage. However there was one rather interesting scene that has been over looked that could prove to be of great importance later down the line — Eugene mentioned that he has the knowledge to build a bomb out of household materials!

Eugene Can Build A Bomb Out Of Household Objects

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

After revealing his scientific knowledge to Negan, the tyrant rewarded the nervous Alexandrian by allowing him a night in the company of his wives. Eugene — who spent the majority of the night playing video games as the women watched — had a rather interesting conversation with the three of them and, in passing conversation, he made clear that he could build a bomb using simple household equipment.

"Hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of liquid dish soap. Maybe some bathroom or drain cleaner. Some balloons or something like that. A few other household sundries"

The women were totally shocked at Eugene's knowledge on the subject and they persuaded him to take them outside and give them a demonstration. He complied, creating a makeshift science experiment to amuse Negan's wives. However, this leads us to the question: Is that the last we will hear of the explosive subject?

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Will Eugene Go All Carol And Blow Up The Sanctuary?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

By the conclusion of this episode, Eugene had pledged his allegiance to Negan and some of us were left wondering if he perhaps really has turned to the dark side. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen but some of us still have faith in the mullet haired survivor and if this is the case then he is letting his intelligence be a guise for what he's really doing — buying time.

However, as we now know what Eugene's unique set of skills are truly capable of, one must ask themselves if he will use them again in order to assist the group in taking Negan down? I mean, he has everything he needs to make a fully functional bomb and whats more is that the Saviors fully trust the smarty pants character to use whatever material he sees fit, so there is literally nothing to stop Eugene from building a bomb right under the Saviors noses.

If this is the case then he could be blowing all of the Saviors to kingdom come, much like Carol did with Terminus back in Season 5. With Rick and the group in desperate need of weapons, perhaps Eugene is the greatest weapon of all — the one you don't see coming but is incredibly effective nonetheless.

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With Alexandria joining forces with the Heapsters and the Hilltop, Rick and the gang are beginning to get the fire power they need to take out Negan once and for all. However, it's been said that you should keep your enemies close and that's exactly what Eugene is doing at the Savior's sanctuary — this fleeting scene may have been comic relief but it also revealed that Eugene is capable of a lot more than he lets on and if Negan's not careful, Eugene could pull the rug out from under him.


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