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In Game of Thrones we know all must die eventually. However, it is the how and the when they die that keeps us all on edge. Different actors and actresses have weighed in on this exact subject so I thought I'd throw my two cents in.

1. Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark has shown us all that she is a very capable young woman with many resources at her disposal. This could also be her downfall as she has aligned herself with Littlefinger, which never seems to end well. There are three huge possible ways she could die.

  • Being killed by a White Walker
  • Murdered by the Lannisters/Littlefinger
  • Sacrifice herself to save Arya or other siblings

Any of these ways could be possibilities. Winter has come and with it has come the Others and the North — along with the Brothers of the Nights Watch — will have to defend Westeros. As part of the Stark family, wardens of the North, it is possible for her to be killed by a White Walker. Littlefinger has betrayed many, so what's one more person if it means he can live longer? The last one is a stretch, but her last act could be out of sisterly love. They last saw each other on bad terms so Sansa giving her life for Arya or one of her brothers would be epic.

2. Cersei Lannister

There is only one way to describe Queen Cersei at this time: She is a walking bullseye. If this show has taught us anything it's that being a royal means your time is limited. If she wasn't the one organizing a good deal of the evil in the world there wouldn't be a Cersei. There are TONS of ways she could die, but these are my top three theories.

  • Jaime is going to kill her
  • Tyrion is going to literally burn her to death
  • Daenerys puts her to death

There is a prophecy where her brother is to strangle her. After setting King's Landing ablaze, Jaime isn't pleased and now sees her as the mad ruler that Aerys II was. I think that having Tyrion set her on fire while riding a dragon would also be fitting. Cersei tried to have our favorite Lannister executed for a crime even she knew he did not commit. The last one isn't as likely, but it would be best after seeing how fierce Daenerys can be when it comes to destroying her enemies. Personally, I'd love to have her burned to death or eaten by a dragon.

3. Jon Snow (Targaryen)

Out of all the characters in Game of Thrones Jon has risen the highest after being the lowest. Yes, he was raised in a castle, but after leaving he was seen as a lowly bastard. Now he is the King in the North, which could end just as badly as it would if he was king in King's Landing.

  • Killed by the Night King
  • Betrayed by Sansa and Littlefinger
  • Killed by Varys

There is always the possibility of him dying at the hands of the Night King. Jon is a hero and a warrior who doesn't back down from a fight. This could very well be his downfall, let's just hope that he defeats the Night before he falls. The second way is extremely likely seeing as we have seen Littlefinger betray EVERYONE that he has dealt with. Sansa is used to being the higher up than Jon and we all saw the look exchanged between her and Baelish.

The last possibility makes tons of sense. Varys has gone to great lengths to put Daenerys on the throne. I don't think there would be much he wouldn't do to make sure there was no one else with a claim. I'm sure killing Jon Snow who doesn't even know that he is in line to be king wouldn't bother Varys at all.

4. Tyrion Lannister

None of us want to see Tyrion go, but let's be realistic here. He has escaped death many times and eventually it will catch up to him. Here is a few ways that could happen:

  • Jaime kills him
  • Cersei has him executed
  • Killed in battle

First off, Jaime swore to Bronn that he would kill Tryion if he ever saw him again. Despite everything that Tywin put them through Jaime was a dedicated son. I'm sure that the anger may have worn off just a bit and he has a new appreciation of family, but that doesn't mean he'll let it go that Tyrion killed their father. Now Cersei is a totally different story. Her hate is totally malicious and some without reason. Having hated Tyrion since birth, she doesn't need the extra reasons to hate him. I'm sure she'll make sure he is killed this time, most likely killed by her own hand. The last is least likely just because I doubt he will ever be in the battle again.

5. Melisandre

I have to say with all the destruction and death she has brought that I will be glad to see her go. She made huge mistakes that had even bigger consequences. Melisandre may have meant well, but she murdered men, women, and children based on a false vision. These ends to her tale would all be fitting.

  • Her stone breaks
  • Killed by fire
  • Executed

I think it would be awesome if the stone on her necklace broke and she just kind of turned to dust. All her beauty that she used to defeat Renly and to sway peoples' decisions cannot last forever and should be her downfall. I also think that if she died by fire then it'll be a poetic justice. Melisandre has put far too many innocent people to death by fire so that death would not only be justice to her victims, but show her how it feels. I do believe she will most likely be executed. She has enemies everywhere, including the North (even though she did try to help them). It is highly likely that she is going to cross Davos again and that will be the end of that.

In case you needed a reminder of who met their end in Season 6, check out the video below for every death that occurred last season on Game of Thrones:

Who will we be adding to the crypts of Westeros? We all shall be holding our breath in anticipation when the show returns in 2017. Who do you think will be next? Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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