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Logan was one of the most heart-breaking superhero adaptations ever. Let's face it: holding back tears while watching was an incredibly challenging task. But don't worry: if you were in that situation, you were not alone. himself couldn't help but cry during one very specific moment.

director James Mangold and attended a special one-night screening of Logan Noir. After the film ended, a very interesting Q&A took place. There, Hugh Jackman opened up about...

The 'Logan' Scene That Brought Him To Tears

Logan ended with his daughter, , standing in front of his grave after a brutal fight. Laura took the wooden cross, tilted it and placed it down again, forming an "X". It was a beautiful moment that reminded audiences of Logan's impressive legacy, and served as a worthy culmination of the character's long journey. And it was that moment that made Jackman cry. The actor opened about his experience both reading the scene in the script and watching it:

"When I read it, I thought 'that's beautiful.' It seemed very poetic on the page. And when I saw it, I cried. I sat next to Patrick Stewart. We saw it for the first time, and both of us wept."

Jackman expressed satisfaction in the way the film allowed Logan's story to come full circle, and complimented James Mangold's ability to be patient with his vision, which ultimately allowed him to pull that off:

"There's something so patient and courageous in a filmmaker to allow everything to culminate in that one moment."

After that revelation, the crew offered some very interesting insight regarding the final scene's development process and the mindset Mangold had going into it.

Finding The Perfect End For A Legendary Superhero

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Part of the uniqueness of Logan came from James Mangold's determination to not leave the story open-ended, giving Wolverine's chapter a definitive end. But you might be surprised to hear that wasn't the original plan. Hugh Jackman revealed early talks actually had our three-clawed mutant living through the events of Logan.

"Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we had decided whether he would die or not?"

Mangold confirmed there were talks about going that way, but they ultimately wanted to give audiences a complete experience and not leave the door open for speculation on what the future might hold for Wolverine.

"It was about, I think, earning the right ending. But I think we wanted it to feel over. Meaning, we wanted a sense of a curtain coming down at the end. I certainly didn't want people speculating that we had left a hole open for more moneymaking and bilking and doing. I wanted it to be like, the curtain has come down, we told the story. Just like a regular movie, we're not leaving something out there. The story is over."

There's an urgency with today's modern superhero adaptations to open paths for spinoffs, sequels and cinematic universes. Logan lacked that urgency. It scrapped the burdens of world-building and teases in favor of a personal story, which made the film stand out in such a crowded market. So despite how painful it was to see Hugh Jackman retire as Wolverine, it was a worthy end to his tenure in the role.

Logan is available right now on Digital HD and will be released on Blu-ray, 4K and DVD on May 23, 107.

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