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Hugh Jackman's tenure as may have come to an end this year, but there are still some leftover mysteries from his 20-year journey. Two in particular have had fans scratching their heads for quite a while: What happened with Liev Schreiber's Victor Creed after his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? And why did Wolverine never wear his classic comic book look?

Collider caught up with Jackman while he was promoting the release of on Blu-ray and Digital HD. There, the actor finally gave us the answers to these mysteries.

Sabretooth's Bumpy Road To 'Logan'

During the interview, the deleted Logan scene featuring a Sabretooth reference came up. The actor was asked whether an early version of the script with 's character existed at some point in the development process. Jackman revealed there was, and the idea came up thanks to Origins. What does that film have to do with Sabretooth's Logan role, you ask? Well, its troubled history inspired the latter. Turns out, Origins was initially going to be a very intimate story focused on Logan and Victor's brotherly dynamic:

“Jim and I did talk about it. [Schreiber] was the best thing in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' [...] I was always like ‘That would be so cool’ and the original script for 'X-Men Origins' was a much smaller movie. We were sort of toying with the idea, in a way, of what we ended up doing with 'Logan'—it was going to be a movie about these two brothers."

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Sadly, the film became much bigger over time. And Jackman revealed the frustration of not being able to tell the story as initially conceived was a frustration that actually stayed with him for years:

"Then different circumstances came in and the movie all of a sudden became twice the size, we had a big release date, and it was all of that. So that never happened, and I had harbored that all along so [James Mangold and him] did talk about it it was just ‘How the hell do we do it?’”

That desire pushed him and to add Sabretooth to Logan, and they came up with a really cool idea.

The Sabretooth Scene That Never Was

Surprisingly, Jackman explained the scrapped scene in-depth. The character would have left his murderous days behind him in favor of life as a businessman, running an Oklahoma casino:

"[T]here was a script stage. There was a story point where they go to Vegas, you know how they go to the Oklahoma casino? They go there and at this point Sabretooth is running like a major casino and really, really wealthy, and really kind of runs a town, and sort of respectable in a way but is still himself. That idea was thrown around, I forgot about that.”

It's worth noting that earlier this year, Liev Schrieber revealed there had been talks between him, Logan and Mangold for Schrieber to come back as Sabretooth, which ultimately fell apart. Seeing how well thought-out the scene described by Jackman was, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the thing pitched to Schrieber when discussing the project.

But wait, that wasn't the only Sabretooth idea that Logan's creative minds had to offer. shared another one that would have brought a lot of levity to the movie and even, dare I say, a hint of craziness. Understandably, Mangold did not like the idea:

"The other idea that I always loved was the idea in the comics that every year on Logan’s birthday, his brother comes and beats the crap out of him. I just thought that was such a cool, very fun idea and very in keeping to those characters. His birthday present was just a beating and that’s the only time he sees him. I kept saying, ‘Jim can we put that in?’ and he goes, ‘Eh this is not that movie.’”

So there you have it, that's what happened with Sabretooth's cut appearance from the film. It was an interesting concept, but would it have worked in the movie? Probably not. Logan worked perfectly as an intimate story. Adding a fourth player to it could have made it feel a bit disjointed.

Now, like I said above, that's not all the interesting material we got from the actor. He also took the chance to solve one of the X-Men's most frustrating mysteries:

What Happened To Wolverine's Suit?

[Credit: 20th Century Fox]
[Credit: 20th Century Fox]

That's right, the actor finally explained what became of Logan's snazzy armor. A deleted scene from 2013's had Logan opening a briefcase and seeing his classic comic book costume inside. Unfortunately, The scene was eventually cut, so nothing came out of it.

According to Jackman, they had originally intended to follow up on it, but simply didn't find a way to make Wolverine in a comic book suit work, at least in the universe already established:

“Fans always say, ‘When are we gonna see you in the blue and yellow spandex? We’ve gotta see that shot!’ We tried a little bit in 'The Wolverine', it didn’t happen [...] So the suit was one thing but we just couldn’t work out how to do it, so if anyone can work that out you go for it."

That explanation will probably be a gut punch to fans who eagerly waited to see the actor finally suited up. However, we should keep in mind that not including something because it didn't fit just goes to show us how much care has gone into crafting the X-Men franchise.

It's really interesting to see just how many variables and scrapped ideas are involved in films, especially in major blockbusters. Fortunately for us, Logan's long crafting process gave us one of the best superhero films to date.

Logan is available on Digital HD and will be released in 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on May 23, 2017.

Would you have like to see those scenes in the film? Let me know in the comments!

(Credit: Collider)


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